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Valravn Goes Vertical

Crews at Cedar Point have been hard at work in the process of bringing Valravn to life. Last week, the first piece of steel track was installed.

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Cedar Point Announces Valravn for 2016

Climb. Hang. Plummet straight down! Today, Cedar Point announced plans for Valravn, the world’s tallest, fastest, and longest dive coaster. Next year, guests will have the chance to test their bravery by diving from 223 feet in the air – face-first at 90 degrees.

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Valravn’s Layout Leaked?

Sorry, Cedar Point. Today, multiple media outlets received virtual reality goggles with a download to an app showing the park’s new roller coaster. After managing to hack into the app, someone shared the images on the web, revealing the ride’s name, logo, and layout.

News Rumors

Cedar Point to Open Dive Coaster in 2016

With the recent opening of Rougarou, the park’s newly-transformed floorless coaster, the refreshed Hotel Breakers, and various other updates at Cedar Point, roller coaster enthusiasts are already looking into what’s in store for 2016.