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Kennywood Announces The Steel Curtain for 2019

After teasing their new ride all summer using the hashtag #project412, Kennywood surprised everyone with an announcement no one expected—plans to open a record-breaking 220 foot coaster along with a new zone themed to the Pittsburg Steelers.

Designed by S&S, The Steel Curtain will be the biggest coaster yet from the manufacturer. The ride begins with a steep 220 foot climb before dropping into the world’s highest inversion at 197 feet.

From there, the coaster reaches a top speed of 75 miles per hour and treats riders to nine inversions—the most for any roller coaster in North America. Included in the ride’s elements are two corkscrews, a dive drop, a cobra roll, and a zero-g stall.

Watch the coaster’s animated POV to see the ride in action:

Along with The Steel Curtain, the park will be opening a whole new football-themed section of the park—Steelers Country. The zone will include a Tailgate Patio, multi-level training facility, and an indoor restaurant.

Are you surprised to see Kennywood investing in such a large coaster? I sure am! The Steel Curtain is the biggest ride the family park has opened since Phantom’s Revenge (formerly Steel Phantom) in 1991 and it’s sure to draw in a lot of first-time visitors like me hunting for a unique ride experience.

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