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Watch 2016’s New Coasters Take Flight

Are you looking forward to riding some new coasters this year? Perfect, because a slew of rides have begun testing, and the footage is awesome.

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Top New Roller Coasters for 2016

This upcoming season, one of the best coaster lineups we’ve had in quite a while awaits us. Read on to see my top picks for 2016.

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POV Thursday: Manta

It’s Week #4 of POV Thursday. Today we’ll take a virtual ride on Manta, a flying coaster at SeaWorld Orlando.

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Mako: Florida’s First Hyper Coaster

Back in May, SeaWorld Orlando revealed their plans for building Mako, a 200-foot-tall B&M Hyper Coaster. Opening in 2016, the ride will become Florida’s tallest, longest, and fastest roller coaster.