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Busch Gardens Tampa Announces Tigris and Teases RMC Gwazi

In 2019, Busch Gardens Tampa will be adding Tigris, a triple launch coaster from Premier Rides.

Tigris joins Tempesto and Electric Eel as the SeaWorld chain’s third SkyRocket II model. Offering a great thrill in a small package, these coasters have proved popular among families and enthusiasts alike.

Launching riders both forwards and backwards, Tigris will reach a top speed of 62 miles per hour. After reaching a height of 150 feet, riders will experience a heartline roll and a non-inverting loop.

While Busch Gardens will be adding Tigris in 2019, they don’t plan on stopping there. The park has been hinting at a hybrid conversion from Rocky Mountain Construction for 2020.

Gwazi, the park’s wooden dueling coaster, opened in 1999 to raving fans. Sadly, the ride didn’t age well and Busch Gardens closed it in 2015 due to its rough ride experience. Since then, Gwazi has been standing but not operating, with its final fate left unknown.

Now, it looks as if the ride may get the I-Box treatment after all. Screamscape managed to obtain a reference to the park’s 2020 plans, which all but confirms a Gwazi transformation. I would expect Gwazi to reopen in 2020 with an increased lift height, relentless airtime hills, and a couple of wild inversions that made RMC famous. I’m also expecting the park to opt for a mobious layout like on Twisted Colossus, allowing riders to ride both sides of the track. We’ll have to wait for the details, but 2020 looks promising.

Are you excited for Busch Gardens Tampa’s announcements for 2019 and 2020? I love the one-two punch they have planned, and I can’t wait to see how Gwazi turns out in 2020.

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