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Six Flags Great America Announces Maxx Force for 2019

Today, Six Flags made their announcements for 2019, and perhaps the most notable new coaster opening next year is Maxx Force at Six Flags Great America. Themed to a formula one car, the coaster will feature a 78 mile-per-hour launch and five inversions.

The ride begins by launching from 0–78 miles per hour in 2 seconds—making it the fastest-accelerating roller coaster in North America. Gimmicky marketing superlative? Without a doubt, but that’s not to take away from a great looking launch section.

Reaching a height of 175 feet, the train will then roll through two inversions high above the park. Sweeping back to the ground, the coaster will take on a zero-g roll while still clipping along at 60 miles per hour. Now that sounds like a fun element.

From there, the train will maneuver through what appears to be a half-twist followed by a dive loop finale. Watch the ride’s trailer below:

The ride layout looks to be short but sweet, and it should be a perfect addition to Six Flags Great America. Maxx Force almost looks like an oversized Sky Rocket II model with a Top Thrill Dragster theme, and that’s by no means a bad thing. With a launch and five inversions, this coaster is sure to pack some forces. I’m curious to find out which manufacturer designed the ride. Update: Looks like it’s from S&S, as they’ve been the primary developers of air-powered launch coasters.

Are you excited for Maxx Force? Share your thoughts about the coaster in the comments section below.

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