Back in May, SeaWorld Orlando revealed their plans for building Mako, a 200-foot-tall B&M Hyper Coaster. Opening in 2016, the ride will become Florida's tallest, longest, and fastest roller coaster.
Today, Dollywood revealed their exciting plans for 2016 by announcing the world's first launched wooden roller coaster, Lightning Rod.
After just reopening last year, Kentucky Kingdom has already gotten to a good start to make their park worth visiting again. Last week, the park announced their new-for-2016 roller coaster, Storm Chaser. By the looks of it, the ride will be a great addition to the park.
This spring, an all new experience will await riders at Cedar Point. Mantis, the park's notoriously painful stand-up coaster, is in for a change. For 2015, the coaster will be transformed into a floorless coaster, get a new paint job, and even a name change.
With its long-awaited opening last weekend, Fury 325 became the tallest and fastest non-launching roller coaster in the world. Stretching 325 feet in the air, this monster of a coaster towers menacingly over Carowinds's other rides. Swiftly winding its way to the front of the park, the coaster's sleek train dives under the stunning new entrance. Fury is super tall, super fast, and super smooth. It's been looked forward to like few others before it. But does it have what it takes to make a model coaster?