Last week, Cedar Fair's parks made their announcements for next year's new attractions. With Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, Knott's, and California's Great America each getting a major new roller coaster, 2018 is sure to be a big year for the chain. Let's take a look at what each Cedar Fair park will be adding next year.
This year's lineup of new coasters isn't that impressive, with the best new ride for 2017 being a small GCI coaster. Thankfully, 2018 is already promising to make up for it, with lots of early construction taking place and some parks even making their announcements.
Today, Six Flags revealed their plans for 2017. Like Cedar Fair, it appears that the chain's next year will be a "breather year," with few new major roller coasters.
Over the past few weeks, most of the Cedar Fair parks have made their announcements for 2017. Let's take a look at what each park is getting next year.
Climb. Hang. Plummet straight down! Today, Cedar Point announced plans for Valravn, the world's tallest, fastest, and longest dive coaster. Next year, guests will have the chance to test their bravery by diving from 223 feet in the air – face-first at 90 degrees.
Last week, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom revealed their plans for 2016. The park's wooden coaster, ROAR, will be transformed into a hybrid by Rocky Mountain Construction and adjusted to add in three exciting inversions. The Joker, as the park renamed it, will also feature the world's first "step-up under-flip."