Polish park EnergyLandia revealed their plans to build Hyperion, an impressive-looking mega coaster from Intamin.
In a brief teaser video, German park Phantasialand announced the latest addition to their thrill lineup – the world's first launched flying coaster.
Steel Vengeance
Ever since Cedar Point began transforming Mean Streak into a wild new Rocky Mountain Construction hybrid, we've been patiently waiting to hear the full details on the new coaster. Now, the park has made their official announcement, revealing a towering IBox coaster called Steel Vengeance.
Kings Island may have one of the world's biggest coaster collections, but they're always looking to improve their lineup. New rumors suggest that the park may be planning a B&M Giga Coaster for 2017, which would stand nearly a hundred feet taller than their current biggest coaster, Diamondback.
wonder woman
In a surprise announcement today, Six Flags Fiesta Texas revealed their plans to build Wonder Woman Golden Lasso—the world's first single-rail coaster from Rocky Mountain Construction.
Today, Knott's Berry Farm announced that they will be expanding their Soak City water park for 2017. Two new water slide towers will be added, along with updated areas, cabanas and a remodeled Longboard’s Grill restaurant.