It's officially summer, and that means hoards of people are flocking to theme parks. Do you have what it takes to name just how many people visit each park every year? There's only one way to find out.

B&M Hyper Quiz

Sleek. Speeding. Stunning. Since their conception in 1999, B&M Hyper coasters have been famous for their glass-smooth elements, plunging drops, and plentiful airtime. But just how much do you know about these steel giants? It's time to test your knowledge.
Rocky Mountain Construction
Over the past decade, Rocky Mountain Construction has proved to be one of the most innovative manufacturers in the amusement industry. Are you an RMC expert? It's time to find out.
Nearly every coaster enthusiast knows about the Golden Ticket Awards, but no one knows the winners in every category. Or do they?
Think you've got what it takes to correctly identify a pictured roller coaster? It's time for Name That Coaster Quiz!
Do you know which wooden roller coaster has the most inversions? Or which roller coaster has the steepest drop? Test your skills with the Record-Breakers Quiz!