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Yukon Striker Coming to Canada’s Wonderland in 2019

Last week, Canada’s Wonderland made their big announcement for 2019—a B&M dive coaster. The ride, dubbed Yukon Striker, will take riders to a height of 223 feet before holding them in a downward position just before the drop.

Next, the train will dive 245 feet straight down into an underwater tunnel, making it the longest drop on a dive coaster. Reaching a top speed of 80.8 miles per hour, the train will then maneuver four inversions—an Immelmann, a dive loop, a vertical loop, and a second Immelmann.

As the park’s first major coaster since Leviathan in 2012, Yukon Striker will become the large inverting coaster that Canada’s Wonderland has been lacking. Having ridden Valravn at Cedar Point, I’m excited to see the park adding something of this scale, but I would have preferred a more intense coaster like Banshee at Kings Island or even a new B&M flying coaster.

Loosely themed to the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897, Yukon Striker will be one of several attractions in the park’s new Frontier Canada area. According to Canada’s Wonderland, Frontier Canada was one of the original  park sections planned for the park’s opening but was scrapped due to financial constraints. Now, under Cedar Fair’s leadership, the area is finally being realized, with Yukon Striker as the centerpiece.

What are your thoughts on Yukon Striker? Leave a comment below.

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