Energylandia’s stunning new mega coaster completed the testing phase and made its premiere at the park Saturday.

Hyperion stands 252.6 feet tall and treats riders to an 84° drop into a tunnel, where it reaches a top speed of 88.2 miles per hour. Designed by Intamin, the ride features four-across seating and a train design not unlike a B&M Hyper.

After watching an on-ride video of Hyperion, I was very impressed with the speed the ride maintained throughout the layout. Several hills appear to have extreme airtime and the Stengel Dive makes for a smooth turnaround not found on many coasters.

Take a virtual ride on Hyperion:

Overall, I think Energylandia hit a home run with their latest coaster and they’re shaping up to be one of the top parks in Europe after only four years of operation. Depending on the Hyperion’s success, I would be interested to see if any American parks decide to invest in Intamin over B&M for their next big coaster.

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