New RMCs Coming to Europe and Asia in 2019


While Rocky Mountain Construction has been hard at work installing (or converting) new rides here in the United States, two international parks have announced that they will be transforming their wooden coasters.

White Cyclone at Nagashima Spa Land

Japanese park Nagashima Spa Land will become the first park outside of the U.S. to utilize RMC’s IBox track.

Image © Jeff Rogers

White Cyclone was one of the tallest and longest wooden coasters in the world, with a total length of 5,577 feet. Originally designed by Intamin, the ride featured a winding layout and a massive wooden structure. RMC will be sure to utilize the ride’s hills and helices with their steel conversion.

To get an idea of what RMC has to work with, watch an on-ride video of White Cyclone:

Robin Hood at Walibi Holland

Walibi Holland announced that in October, Robin Hood, their family wooden coaster will be closing as RMC begins converting the ride into a hybrid coaster.

Robin Hood will become Europe’s second hybrid coaster from RMC, after Wildfire at Kolmärden. The ride currently stands 105 feet tall and has an out-and-back layout.

Watch an on-ride video of Robin Hood pre-conversion:

I love to see Rocky Mountain Construction expanding outside of the United States and I’m sure enthusiasts in Europe and Asia are excited to be getting an RMC within a decent travel distance.

What do you think of Nagashima Spa Land and Walibi Holland’s decision to convert their rides? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Both look pretty boring as they are now, and the one in Holland likely loosens the fillings in your teeth by the looks of the vibration in a camera that was bolted to the train and still jittered.

    Glad to see these parks are announcing their plans, and not playing the “ultra top secret”/tease game we tend to have in the states. Only question is, how long will these conversions take? If they go by the RMC Mean Streak/Steel Vengeance timeline – they won’t be ready until 2025!


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