Kings Dominion Renames Two Rides in Candy Apple Grove


Along with Twisted Timbers, Kings Dominion has been giving the Candy Apple Grove section of the park a facelift. Improvements include repaving the midway, adding a new plaza, upgrading the restrooms, and adding new seating.

The park also announced that it will be renaming two of its rides: Richochet and Rebel Yell. Richochet will become “Apple Zapple” and will receive a red paint scheme. While I’m not crazy about the name, I think that tying the ride into the area is a great idea.

The other name change has sparked some controversy among the enthusiast community, as the legendary Rebel Yell racing coaster will now be known as Racer 75. Kings Dominion describes the name as a nod to its 1975 entry into the park as well as giving recognition to ACE, or the American Coaster Enthusiasts (rACEr 75). This second statement is pushing it a little, as the coaster club wasn’t founded until 1978.

While this move is clearly an attempt to remain politically correct, I’m cool with a name change as long as it is reflective of the ride’s past. Racer 75, though, is about as bland of a name as they could have picked, and will be sure to prick the nostalgia of long-time visitors. The ride isn’t 75 feet tall, Racer already exists at Kings Island, and the trains only race on crowded days. I just wish the park could have picked a more creative name.

Meanwhile, Twisted Timbers is nearly ready for testing and construction crews are finishing up the electrical and mechanical side of the ride. I’ll close out with a picture from Kings Dominion.

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