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Six Flags Over Georgia Announces Twisted Cyclone for 2018

Last month, Six Flags Over Georgia announced that their classic wooden coaster, Georgia Cyclone, would be going away forever. In a pattern we’ve all come to recognize, the park came back today with the news that the ride will return next year as Twisted Cyclone—an IBox coaster from Rocky Mountain Construction.

Last month, Six Flags Over Georgia announced that their classic wooden coaster, Georgia Cyclone, would be going away forever. In a pattern we’ve all come to recognize, the park came back today with the news that the ride will return next year as Twisted Cyclone—an IBox coaster from Rocky Mountain Construction.

Featuring a hybrid structure, Twisted Cyclone will combine the stunning appearance of a traditional wooden coaster with the flexibility of modern steel track, allowing for a more thrilling experience. After climbing to a height of 100 feet, the coaster will take riders through three inversions and ten airtime moments. The ride’s signature element will be a disorienting reverse cobra roll following the first drop.

Twisted Cyclone’s train will be themed to a 1960s sports car, and the coaster’s unique sky blue track takes a turn from the bright red that has become so common with IBox coasters. The ride will look great against the park’s skyline when paired with Goliath’s bright orange color scheme.

Watch Twisted Cyclone in action below:

I find it interesting that Georgia Cyclone’s already scanty length will be shortened by 570 feet as part of the treatment, while Cedar Fair’s transformed coasters will be extended in length. Does this have anything to do with Six Flags trying to save money? I found it refreshing to see Cedar Fair pushing to make their designs the best they can possibly be, and I wish Six Flags would do the same for their coasters—even if it means investing a bit more money.

Twisted Cyclone will join six other hybrids at Six Flags parks, meaning that over half of the chain’s parks now have a coaster from Rocky Mountain Construction. Which amusement park will be next to transform their aging wooden coaster? My guess is that we’ll see Monstre at La Ronde get the treatment in the next couple years.

What are your thoughts about Twisted Cyclone? I think it’s exciting to see that yet another solid coaster will be opening next year. For coaster enthusiasts, 2018 will be a year to remember.

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7 replies on “Six Flags Over Georgia Announces Twisted Cyclone for 2018”

Remember that Cedar Point pushes their SUPPLIERS to do things beyond what they are comfortable with – while they won’t take similar chances on their OWN. For CP to do their first RMC so extreme, and still refuse to run coasters with their trains reversed or even heavily themed shows that they put all the risk of success on the vendor. This is why companies like Arrow went out of business, and most likely explains why RMC took so long to do this conversion.

That’s true to some extent, though I can understand why Cedar Point would want to take their time with such a wild coaster—remember Maverick’s ultra intense heartline roll that had to be removed mid-construction? As for running trains backwards, that’s a cool concept but it can hardly count as innovative. I agree with you that it would be great to see some in-house designs from Cedar Fair, but since that doesn’t seem to be happening, I can at least applaud the chain’s decision to push their IBox coasters to their maximum potential—and wish that Six Flags would do the same.

Six flags took the risk and went with RMC years before Cedar Fair even considered using them. Maverick’s heartline, TTD horrible uptime, and STR’s unusable back row of seats were all blamed on the manufacturers designs. In fact, Wicked Twister had welders working on it nightly until they reduced the restraints to the point every train now has people taking the walk of shame. Now, other than throwing money at steroid designs, I wouldn’t say CF is pushing innovation because not much is actually new. If they broke new ground on VR/AR, audio enhancements, or train comfort (I still don’t see how Steel Vengance can do inversions with only a lap bar) then I would say they are nearing their maximum potential.

You’ve got a good point there, and one of Six Flags’s strengths is that they’re always willing to try something new. But couldn’t it be argued that Cedar Fair did the same with Maverick and Top Thrill Dragster? They invested in brand new designs and ended up with two very thrilling—but not very reliable—coasters. Wicked Twister, on the other hand, was intended as a filler coaster—and it turned out to be a horrible business decision.
I think that Cedar Fair has been playing it safe after making some regrettable choices with Intamin. For the past few years, they’ve mostly been putting in very reliable—albeit not very original—B&M coasters. Now, after seeing the high success rates of Rocky Mountain Construction’s IBox treatment at Six Flags parks, Cedar Fair has found yet another opportunity to build intense AND reliable rides.
Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point might not be the first IBox coaster, but if it’s half as thrilling as it looks from the POV, it will be well worth waiting for. Maybe there’s something to be said for taking your time in the design phase.

The POV video looks good, but will reality mirror it? On our last visit, Rougaru was a walk on all day – so let’s wait and see how long this conversion stays popular and how long the records last before we commend them on their purchase.

I was so excited with the announcement of Twisted Cyclone because an RMC conversion on Georgia Cyclone was long overdue. The first half of Twisted Cyclone is AWESOME but the ride kind of fizzles from there. That Cobra roll is AMAZING but that’s about it. The problem is the ride is so short that it seems like a let down! We were promised a record-breaking coaster and one more element like an inverted stall would have made it just that! Wicked Cyclone’s thrilling ride seems to go on FOREVER but you just don’t get that with Twisted Cyclone!

I agree, Christopher. Georgia Cyclone was only 2970 feet long to start with, and the park is trimming its length to just 2400 feet! On top of that, the ride’s speed will be the same as it was before at 50 miles per hour. I feel like Six Flags took a shortcut with this transformation and limited Rocky Mountain Construction to a low budget. As we saw with Twisted Timbers at Kings Dominion, RMC does have the capability to increase the track’s length and add in some more elements, but it looks like Over Georgia will be getting the world’s shortest IBox coaster for 2018.

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