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Everything Cedar Fair Announced for 2018

Last week, Cedar Fair’s parks made their announcements for next year’s new attractions. With Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, Knott’s, and California’s Great America each getting a major new roller coaster, 2018 is sure to be a big year for the chain. Let’s take a look at what each Cedar Fair park will be adding next year.

Last week, Cedar Fair’s parks made their announcements for next year’s new attractions. With Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, Knott’s, and California’s Great America each getting a major new roller coaster, 2018 is sure to be a big year for the chain. Let’s take a look at what each Cedar Fair park will be adding next year.

Cedar Point: Steel Vengeance

There will be a new giant joining Cedar Point’s impressive coaster lineup in 2018. Mean Streak is being transformed into a wild steel coaster, Steel Vengeance, complete with stunning maneuvers impossible to achieve with traditional wooden track. Designed by Rocky Mountain Construction, the hybrid will stand 205 feet tall and reach a top speed of 74 miles per hour. Stretching 5740 feet long, the ride will feature four inversions and countless airtime hills.

Cedar Point is tying the ride’s theme in with the FrontierTown section of the park, too. Steel Vengeance is the story of three outcasts—Jackson “Blackjack” Chamberlain, Chess “Wild One” Watkins, and Wyatt “Digger” Dempsey—who have returned to FrontierTown to right the wrongs done to them by the villainous Maverick.

Will Steel Vengeance prove to be a popular coaster at Cedar Point? Some guests might see the coaster as the rebranding of a mediocre coaster, like the Mantis/Rougarou transformation, but Steel Vengeance will be much more than a relaunch—and that’s probably why it has the word “Steel” in its name. Cedar Point doesn’t want its guests to associate the ride with Mean Streak. And Steel Vengeance will truly make the worst coaster in the park one of the best rides in the world.

Kings Dominion: Twisted Timbers

Kings Dominion revealed their own RMC hybrid last week, Twisted Timbers. The ride will begin with a 109-foot barrel roll drop that sends the coaster hurtling through a high-speed layout full of overbanks and airtime hills.

Themed to a mysterious incident that occurred at the Hanover Hill Orchard in the 1950s, Twisted Timbers will take riders an an exclusive tour of the long-abandoned farm. It’s not the calm hayride its truck-themed trains might suggest, however. Riders will race through three inversions and twenty airtime hills on the coaster’s 3,361-foot course.

Knott’s Berry Farm: HangTime

The last time Knott’s Berry Farm received a major roller coaster was back in 2008, and the local thrill seekers have patiently waited for years for the park to add another thrill ride. Now, the park has finally made their move, with the announcement of HangTime, a Gerstlauer Infinity coaster.

The ride will take riders 150 feet into the air via a vertical lift before coming to a complete stop on the crest of the first hill, giving the illusion of a disappearing track. In typical dive coaster style, HangTime will hold riders at the top for several seconds before sending them plunging to the ground with an impressive 96-degree drop. Five disorienting inversions follow, including a rare negative-g stall loop that will give riders the sensation of floating.

Although the ride will have a relatively short layout, it makes the most of its limited space by winding around in a tight spaghetti bowl layout. HangTime will be a sight to see at night, too. When the sun goes down, HangTime will come to life with a unique lighting package that follows the train through each element.

California’s Great America: RailBlazer

Cedar Point and Kings Dominion weren’t the only Cedar Fair parks to get a coaster from Rocky Mountain Construction. California’s Great America announced RailBlazer for 2018—one of the world’s first RMC Raptor models. Giving it the codename SR-1, the park clearly intended to market RailBlazer as the first ever single-track coaster, but Six Flags Fiesta Texas had other plans. They announced an exact clone of the ride, Wonder Woman Golden Lasso, just days before California’s Great America.

Regardless of whether it was announced first, RailBlazer will be a truly stunning work of art—managing to provide a thrilling experience in a tiny amount of space. The ride will begin with a 90-degree drop that propels riders into three inversions, including a zero-g roll. And with its unique single-rail design, riders sit in single file, with unobstructed views on either side of the track. Interestingly enough, RailBlazer will employ a completely silent rollback mechanism, making for a quiet ride up to the top of its 106-foot hill.

RailBlazer will also include natural theming that reflects the California countryside—like giant formations of rock, a natural stream, and a trailhead sign. Its narrow trains will be themed to look like an ATV, and riders will be able to experience the thrill of a wild four-wheeler ride through the mountains.

Valleyfair: Delirious

Valleyfair will be getting Delirious, a Larson Loop that will take riders through ten 360-degree revolutions in less than a minute. The ride will rock back and forth, slowly building up enough speed to send riders all the way through the 70-foot loop.

With the addition of Delirious, Valleyfair will bring several improvements to their Route 76 area, including new shade structures, more seating areas, and improved lighting at night.

Canada’s Wonderland: New Flat Rides

Cedar Fair’s Canadian amusement park, Canada’s Wonderland, announced two new flat rides for 2018. Lumberjack will swing riders high into the air on two axe-themed pendulums, inverting riders 75 feet in the air. Flying Canoes will be a family swinging ride that will allow riders to control their direction while circling a central tower.

In addition to the park’s new rides, Canada’s Wonderland will focus on expanding the children’s area in their waterpark, doubling the area in size and adding a new splash zone.

Worlds of Fun: Nordic Chaser

Worlds of Fun, located in Kansas City, will be getting a new family ride that replicates the motion of a ship at sea. Nordic Chaser will be joining the park’s Scandinavia area in 2018.

Carowinds: Camp Snoopy Attractions

Carowinds announced that they will be adding six new attractions to their children’s area, which will be rebranded as Camp Snoopy next year. The PEANUTS themed section will be getting a giant play area and five new kiddie rides that will improve the park’s offerings for its young thrill seekers.

Kings Island, Dorney Park, and Michigan’s Adventure

Three Cedar Fair parks have yet to make any announcements regarding 2018. Kings Island has stated that they will reveal their plans when the timing is better, but it’s unlikely that we’ll ever hear anything from Dorney Park and Michigan’s Adventure. These two parks have been seriously neglected by Cedar Fair in the past couple years, and it would be nice to see the chain investing in their future. One can’t help but hope that these parks won’t come to a sad and sudden ending like Geauga Lake.

Overall, 2018 will be one of the biggest years in Cedar Fair’s history. With the additions of Steel Vengeance, Twisted Timbers, and RailBlazer, the chain has begun an intriguing relationship with Rocky Mountain Construction. If the new rides are well received, we can expect to see more RMC coasters joining Cedar Fair parks in upcoming years. Who knows, maybe we’ll see each park transform their aging wooden coasters like Six Flags has done over the past several years.

What are you most excited about for 2018? Are you pleased with the additions coming to your home park? Share your thoughts about Cedar Fair’s announcements below.

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