Like Cedar Point, Kings Dominion has been hard at work transforming their old wooden coaster into a stunning hybrid from Rocky Mountain Construction. Keeping Hurler’s old layout, the park has intensified the ride’s airtime hills, added overbanked turns and inversions, and given the ride a new name: Twisted Timbers.

Twisted Timbers is themed to a mysterious incident surrounding the Hanover Hill Orchard, which is located just off of the park’s Candy Apple Grove section of the park. On a cloudless day back in 1950, something swept through the thriving apple orchard, shaking the ground and destroying half of the year’s harvest. To this day, no one knows exactly what happened, but riders are invited to experience Twisted Timbers and get an exclusive tour of the evidence preserved from that fateful day.

After boarding the car-themed trains on Twisted Timbers, riders will plunge through a dizzying 109-foot barrel roll drop leading into an overbanked turn. The ride will have a total of 20 airtime moments and three inversions, counting the first drop. Stretching 3,361 feet long, Twisted Timbers will have a longer layout than the original wooden coaster, something unusual for an IBox coaster.

Watch the coaster’s animated on-ride POV below:

Twisted Timbers looks to be a significant improvement from the original ride and I hope that sister park Carowinds will consider doing something similar to their own Hurler wooden coaster. The ride’s barrel roll drop and overall layout reminds me of Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom, only longer. Between Steel Vengeance and Twisted Timbers, I think Cedar Fair has picked some very well-designed replacements for their old wooden coasters.

What do you think about Kings Dominion’s new ride? What other Cedar Fair wooden coasters should get a steel transformation? Share your thoughts below.

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