Ever since Cedar Point began transforming Mean Streak into a wild new Rocky Mountain Construction hybrid, we’ve been patiently waiting to hear the full details on the new coaster. Now, the park has made their official announcement, revealing a towering IBox coaster called Steel Vengeance. And, boy, does it look stunning.

Dubbed by the park as the world’s first “hyper hybrid,” Steel Vengeance will treat riders to a 200-foot drop at 90 degrees before sending them through a wild course with out of control airtime maneuvers. The ride will also feature four inversions, including a first-of-its-kind “Twisted Snake Dive.” Becoming the longest hybrid Rocky Mountain Construction has ever completed, Steel Vengeance will stretch 5,740 feet long and have a ride time of 2.5 minutes.

General Manager Jason McClure described the new ride as another roller coaster that only Cedar Point could build. “There are so many unexpected moments on Steel Vengeance, it’s just plain twisted. It’ll be an extremely wild experience for our guests.”

During the months leading up to their announcement, Cedar Point teased various elements on the coaster before leaving a cryptic message: They’re Coming. The park explained the ride’s backstory as the tale of three outcasts who are returning to FrontierTown to right the wrongs done to them by Maverick. Jackson “Blackjack” Chamberlain, Chess “Wild One” Watkins, and Wyatt “Digger” Dempsey are bringing a new coaster that will reflect their impressive height, wild personality, and blazing speed of the draw, respectively. Cedar Point claimed we’ll be hearing more about these three characters in the next coming months, but for now, they left us a video detailing the story of FrontierTown.

Between its countless airtime moments, extreme overbanked turns, and twisting inversions, Steel Vengeance will be a force to be reckoned with when it opens next year. The ride joins Magnum XL-200, Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, Wicked Twister, and Valravn to make Cedar Point the park with the most coasters over 200 feet tall.

To get a feel for the thrills Steel Vengeance has in store, check out the ride’s animated point-of-view video:

Are you excited for Steel Vengeance? I think Cedar Point has an impressive new coaster on their hands, one that could very well become the best ride at the park. The in-depth backstory came as a bit of a surprise, and it will be good to see if the park has any plans to add on-site theming to tie the ride in with FrontierTown.

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