In a surprise announcement today, Six Flags Fiesta Texas revealed their plans to build Wonder Woman Golden Lasso—the world’s first single-rail coaster from Rocky Mountain Construction. Featuring eight-passenger trains that seat riders in single file, Wonder Woman will allow for unobstructed views of the park on either side of the narrow track.

The ride will start with a 113-foot lift hill before plunging to the ground at 90 degrees. From there, the trains will maneuver through two airtime hills, an overbanked wave turn, and three inversions, including a zero-g roll and a 180 degree stall.

Watch an animated video of Wonder Woman below:

With most of the Six Flags parks set to make their 2018 announcements on August 31st, why did Fiesta Texas reveal their plans ahead of time? Perhaps the park was intent on announcing their single-rail coaster ahead of California’s Great America. Could this be confirmation that we are indeed seeing two Raptor coasters in 2018?

Next year, Wonder Woman will join Iron Rattler as the park’s second roller coaster from Rocky Mountain Construction. I’m curious to hear the first riders’ reviews when the first-of-its-kind coaster makes its debut. What do you think of RMC’s latest ride concept?


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