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Decoding Kings Dominion’s Clues for 2018

As construction continues on RMC Hurler, Kings Dominion has begun posting intriguing teaser images on Twitter. So far, each graphic has featured a cryptic message, the outline of an image, and a collage of hidden words. Let’s get to work and see what the park is hinting at for 2018.

As construction continues on RMC Hurler, Kings Dominion has begun posting intriguing teaser images on Twitter. So far, each graphic has featured a cryptic message, the outline of an image, and a collage of hidden words. Let’s get to work and see what the park is hinting at for 2018.

816 likely refers to August 16th, the day Kings Dominion will reveal their full plans for 2018. Covering the dark outline of the park’s iconic Eiffel Tower, a few key words can be made out. Apple and Grove refer to Candy Apple Grove, the section of the park where Hurler is located. The word “Snoopy” could be a hint that Kings Dominion will be adding a ride to Planet Snoopy as well.

“Things aren’t always what them seem” could mean that Hurler is not really dead as everyone supposed. Alternatively, it could be a warning that some of the hidden words, like Snoopy, are red herrings and should be ignored.

The park’s next teaser, posted a week later, reads “20. BE⊥TER than 4.” This likely indicates that the transformed version of Hurler will feature 20 of something rather than the four on the original. Looking at Hurler’s layout, it appears that it had only four airtime hills. Could RMC Hurler feature 20 moments of airtime instead? We’ll have to wait and see.

This time, the background features a picture of Snoopy, continuing the Snoopy theme, and the words candy, wood, Snoopy, and orchard appear.

The following teaser included a picture of apples and the text “3. BE⊥TER than none.” This likely indicates that the new ride will have 3 inversions, something Hurler lacked entirely. Included in the vertical words on this image are apple, rotten, candy, up, side, and down. Once again, the words point towards activity in the Candy Apple Grove area. But what on earth could rotten refer to?

On July 11th, the park posted yet another clue. This time, the text reads “28. Makes it BE⊥TER.” Could this indicate that the new Hurler will stand 28 feet taller, making it 111 feet tall? Rocky Mountain Construction has been known to raise the height of the coasters they work on, so this sounds reasonable. Words in the background include Snoopy, good, rotten, candy, and apple.

“The force RA⊥TLED the windows”? What’s that supposed to mean? This time, the background image in the graphic shows a window, and words include wood, apple, spooky, pine, rotten, grove, and cedar. Since the park is listing off several types of wood and describing them as rotten and spooky, it sounds to me like this new coaster is getting a “dark forest” theme, similar to Verbolten, TH13TEEN, and Mystic Timbers. Maybe the wood track has gone rotten, making it twist and contort into the wildest ride in the grove?

But what do the windows have to do with anything? Will there be a windowed building like The Shed on Mystic Timbers? The “force” mentioned must refer to the ride’s theme – either a powerful tree or a storm.

Kings Dominion has come back with yet another teaser image. If you look closely, you’ll spot the words rottenapplewood, and tattered. We’re seeing a repeated rotten apple theme, but the word tattered is new. I’m having trouble identifying the disguised background image. It appears to be some sort of gate, but it’s hard to say.

What about the tweet’s main message, “It left everything TA⊥TERED and torn in its wake”? Is the “dark forest” coming to life and avenging its destroyed relatives? Your guess is as good as mine.

In today’s clue, the park tells us that the ride can “be a bit KNO⊥TY.” The background image reveals a knot in some wood, but the word is obviously supposed to be taken as a pun. This rotten tree can be a bit naughty as well. Words hidden in the image include 816Apple Grove2018Candy, and surprisingly, It’s Coming. Sister park Cedar Point has used the phrase “They’re Coming,” so it’s interesting to see Kings Dominion bouncing off of the same message.

This week’s teaser didn’t offer much in terms of ride stats, but it confirms a wooden theme and an August 16th announcement date. Hopefully we’ll find out more next week as Kings Dominion unveils its final hints.

Update (8/8)

This week, Kings Dominion has come back with what appears to be a final teaser before their announcement next week. Asking us if we “see a PA⊥TERN,” the park placed a slew of hidden words in this image. I spotted Candy, Apple, Grove, 816, knotty, torn, rattled, better than none, 20 better than 4, and 2018.

All of these words have been mentioned in past teasers, so it seems that the park is stressing their importance, as well as challenging us to find a pattern. Could the pattern be the double T (⊥T)? Since the first clue, all of the teasers have included the ⊥T symbol. I’m guessing that the new ride’s name, whatever it may be, will include a double T.

Putting it all together

Compiling all of the clues, we’ve gotten a bunch of puzzling descriptions of the new Hurler. Assuming our assessments have been correct, the new ride will stand 111 feet tall, feature three inversions, and provide 20 moments of airtime. The ride’s new name will include the often-repeated ⊥T symbol, and the theme will involve trees that have become rotten and threaten to leave us rattled and torn.

What do you think Kings Dominion is trying to tell us? Leave a comment below with your best guess for the new Hurler. I’ll be sure to update this post if the park posts any additional teasers.

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3 replies on “Decoding Kings Dominion’s Clues for 2018”

After the “what’s in the shed” hoopla at KI, and the total denial/18 second videos of Mean Streak 2.0, I think you have fallen for the CF hype machine once again. Overthinking these “clues” goes back to the Shoot The Rapids fiasco. Nothing they build will live up to the expectations they create – and unless you are such a coaster nerd that after 438 rides you deem seat 4 row 5 the best experience, the only thing I can guarantee is that there will very long lines IF they can keep it running on a regular basis.

I think it’s to be expected that Cedar Fair will continue to tease their upcoming coasters as a way to create hype. #WhatsInTheShed ended up disappointing many Kings Island fans, but it sure succeeded in stirring up interest in what could have been an overlooked family coaster. Personally, I hope the chain won’t return to this particular marketing scheme again, but seeing that it was successful in gaining media attention, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did something similar with a future coaster.
Having said that, though, I think the teasers that Kings Dominion and Cedar Point have posted so far are harmless enough. Everyone enjoys a good mystery, and as long as Cedar Fair releases the full details of the coasters during their official announcements, I don’t see how anyone could be overly disappointed with the outcome.

I respectfully disagree. Teasing at school is considered bullying, and this sort of marketing onky encourages such behavior. Whenever you hype a product it is done to compensate for its ability to sell itself on its own merits.

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