Phantasialand Reveals Launched Flying Coaster


In a brief teaser video, German park Phantasialand announced the latest addition to their thrill lineup – the world’s first launched flying coaster.

The announcement video quickly reviews Phantasialand’s most recent attractions before introducing F.L.Y. as the longest and first-ever launched flying coaster.


What should we expect?

Designed by Vekoma, F.L.Y. is rumored to be a new model, improving on the manufacturer’s notoriously rough Flying Dutchman coasters. Stretching over 3,600 feet in length, F.L.Y. will surpass Flying Dinosaur at Universal Studios Japan to become the world’s longest ride of its type.

Though Phantasialand has yet to release the full details of their new ride, F.L.Y. will likely feature a fast-paced layout with several inversions. Considering the park’s dedication to theming, we can expect full integration with the park’s new futuristic Rookburgh area. As for its opening date, a 2018 premiere seems probable.

What do you think? Does a launched flying coaster sound like a good addition to Phantasialand? It is my hope that Vekoma will be able to redeem their reputation by introducing a reliable and comfortable new design.

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