The steel Rocky Mountain Construction transformation of Mean Streak is continuing to take shape at Cedar Point, and with the park now open, there’s not much they can do to hide it. Instead, The Point has taken to posting short teaser videos on Twitter, revealing stunning new thrill elements and giving us clues to the new ride’s theme.

The first video, posted on April 1st, features several sweeping shots of RMC Mean Streak and leaves us with an ominous message: “They’re coming!”

Who’s coming? Is a dangerous band of outlaws invading Frontiertown? Cedar Point will likely keep us guessing until they are ready to make an official announcement.

On June 2nd, the park posted a second video, leaving us with a further clue: “They’re wild and unruly.”

Huh. That description would certainly fit outlaws, and it sounds like it would go along well with Maverick’s theme.

Another interesting point to note is that both videos are 18 seconds long. This was clearly intentional, as each video has several seconds of blank space at the end. The park is likely just confirming that the new ride won’t open until 2018.

Cedar Point isn’t the only one posting shots of the new ride construction. Midway Meyhem managed to get a close-up of the first drop, where ledgers are being put into place to make way for the track. It could just be an illusion, but the first drop certainly looks like a 90-degree plunge.


From what we’ve seen, the new Mean Streak looks like the wildest, most insane transformation Rocky Mountain Construction has ever taken on. Considering the 200+ foot climb, 90-degree drop, and two enormous inversions, this will be a ride that no coaster enthusiast can pass up.

So far, Cedar Point has posted videos at the beginning of April and the beginning of June. At this rate, I would expect a final teaser from the park at the beginning of July, leading up to an early August announcement date. Maybe we’ll get a few more clues about the ride’s theme before it all comes to light.

What do you think about the latest Mean Streak construction and new hints at the theme? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and stay tuned for additional updates.

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