Knott’s Berry Farm sits just miles away from Disneyland, attracting park-goers who want a more thrilling experience than classic Disney rides. The park is famous for their wild rides, family fun, and delicious berry festivals. But a new major roller coaster has been due at Knott’s for quite some time. Thankfully, that’s all about to change.

Knott’s Berry Farm added their last major roller coaster in 2008, with the addition of Pony Express, a family launch coaster. Enthusiasts caught their breath with anticipation in 2012 when the park closed Perilous Plunge, their space-consuming water ride, but all that came in its place was a small wild mouse coaster and a revamped Boardwalk area.

This spring, rumors began picking up again as Knott’s announced that they would be closing and removing their Boomerang shuttle coaster. Usually, amusement parks avoid ride removals unless they have something truly exciting to market in place of the former attraction, and the fact that Knott’s is closing Boomerang so early in the season means that whatever is coming is going to be big. The park even cancelled their annual 2017 Coaster Run due to construction concerns. Clearly, something extraordinary is in store for park fans. One big question remains: What will replace Boomerang?

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During their first quarter earnings call last week, Cedar Fair, the parent company over Knott’s, revealed that they would be opening four new roller coasters in 2018. Two of them can already be accounted for – the RMC conversions of Mean Streak at Cedar Point and Hurler at Kings Dominion. But what about the other two? Cedar Fair said that they will be installing a first-of-its-kind design as well as a coaster from a manufacturer they haven’t worked with for quite a while. My guess is that Knott’s Berry Farm, which hasn’t seen a new major coaster since 2008, will be getting the brand new design, and what would make a better candidate than Rocky Mountain Construction’s recently introduced Raptor track model?

The Raptor design features wide, single-rail track and a tight layout packed with airtime hills and inversions. Check out the following video from Rocky Mountain Construction to get a feel for the innovative design:

Will Knott’s look into Raptor track?

Without a doubt, the removal of Boomerang will open up quite a bit of space in the back of the park, so size isn’t too much of a constraint for the new ride. I would love to see what RMC could pull off with the coaster. The company has proven to be one of the most innovative manufacturers we’ve seen in a while, and their coasters are constantly pushing the limits of what we thought possible.

The only concern I would have with Cedar Fair investing in this new design is that they may want to evaluate the success of their other new RMC coasters first. What do you think? Will Knott’s Berry Farm add a stunning new Raptor coaster in 2018, or will they go a safer route and add something that’s already proven successful? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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  1. I doubt it because Knott’s is a small sized park, but still attracted a lot of visitors especially tourist from around the world. This coaster model is specifically designed for growing not-so-popular parks will low attendance, mainly due to its low capacity which won’t keep up for the demand for knott’s crowed especially during the summer.

    • That’s a valid point, and it seems likely that Knott’s would need to modify the trains to accommodate more riders and maintain a decent capacity – perhaps by going with RMC’s wider TREX track design. What do you think would make a good coaster choice for that site?

  2. What he said ^^^ But a big dipper (costume trains), which adds up to the roamers of a infinity type coaster people have been talking about.


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