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Is RMC Mean Streak Opening in 2018?

Cedar Point fans rejoiced when the park announced that Mean Streak would be closing for future plans. After all, the rumors all pointed to one possible outcome: A steel transformation from Rocky Mountain Construction.

Cedar Point fans rejoiced when the park announced that Mean Streak would be closing for future plans. After all, the rumors all pointed to one possible outcome: A steel transformation from Rocky Mountain Construction.

Already, much of the coaster’s lift hill has been retracked with dull red IBox track, Cedar Point has slyly dropped a few hints, and the park’s live webcams have been mysteriously directed away from the area. But as we approach the end of the year, Cedar Point has yet to make any announcements about their future plans for the ride. Though a 2017 re-opening is technically still possible, I’m now thoroughly convinced that Mean Streak is a 2018 attraction. Here are a few reasons why.

Cedar Point already made their announcements


Back in August, Cedar Point released their plans to expand and rebrand their waterpark for 2017. If they had intended to launch the new Mean Streak next year, it would have made sense to begin marketing the changes at the coaster’s funeral to drive up the 2017 season pass sales.

Cedar Point hints at 2018

Screenshot from Cedar Point’s Christmas video (1:30)

Speaking of Mean Streak’s funeral, remember Richard Michael Crosby? In Cedar Point’s holiday video that they recently released, a computer screen is shown with the words “2018 Capital Plan Enclosed” and “Prepared by Richard Michael Crosby.” Not only is Richard Michael Crosby closely associated with the outcome of Mean Streak, he also shares the same initials as Rocky Mountain Construction. Coincidence? I think not. This is probably the park’s way of subtly letting its hard-core fans know that we’ll have to wait another year for the new Mean Streak.

More time means more possibilities

© CP America’s Roller Coast

As we saw in the case of Lightning Rod, innovation takes risk that can lead to complications during construction, and can ultimately delay the opening of a ride. It could be that the park wanted to take it slow just in case they ran into difficulties. Or, maybe Cedar Point plans to expand the Gemini midway and install a large plaza in Mean Streak’s infield as part of the relaunch and it will take more than one off-season to complete.

Now that we know Mean Streak won’t reopen for another year, what date seems most likely for Cedar Point to announce the changes in store for 2018? I’m expecting the park to reveal their plans as early as July so they can put construction on full steam without having to hide anything.

What are your expectations for the new Mean Streak? Leave a comment below – I’d love to discuss it.

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By Jonathan

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5 replies on “Is RMC Mean Streak Opening in 2018?”

My expectation is that SF & CF have realized that records and hype aren’t the most profitable way to sell admission tickets to their properties in the future.
The relentless pursuit of bigger/faster/better is getting extremely expensive, risky, and dangerous not to mention impossible to maintain for very long – but what the future holds in theming and AR/VR however, is what Disney and Universal have known for years.
Harry Potter / Avatar Land like attractions (because you can copyright them), and dark rides will take over as evidenced by the popularity of Halloween events and the statements made by management at these smaller “regional” parks.
If you doubt this school of thought, look at what CF has been cloning (just from Disney). Enhanced On property lodging, multi-day packages, signiture architecture (every Disney park has a castle – every CF park will have a coaster main gate), sports complexes, and season passes. It will take a while to build all of this out, but this is the “true master” plan moving forward.
For all the coaster nerds out there – sorry, but we have reached the end of the coaster wars. You simply can’t expose the human body to much more in speed, twists, or heights without incurring safety issues.

Great points and I definitely agree that Cedar Fair is learning a lot from Disney and Universal. But is that really what you expect is happening with Mean Streak’s delayed announcement? Sure, they’re likely holding off because they don’t want to promise anything and make Dollywood’s mistake, but isn’t it also likely that they’re trying to build up hype by keeping it top secret? I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up marketing the coaster as the “tallest, fastest, and longest” ride of its kind, following in their past footsteps. While it might not be a good long-term strategy, it’s worked for the chain in the past and it’s likely they will continue the bigger/better trend. Thoughts?

I think that Cedar Point really does not know how to market this reincarnated ride quite yet because they are in the early stages of establishing a creative art team to lead the project.
What I see happening though is that the entire theme of Frontier Town is slowly being established. They are rebranding/relocating the RipCord, reworking Mean Streak, and last year they eliminated the Christmas light show on their trail area. All of this points to a return to more of a “land” rather than just the “back half of the park”.
Without a doubt, there are enough PR people still there that will still push the “record breaking” hype (for now) – but down south at Kings Island, we see more of a focus on “the shed” rather than elements of their new coaster. And at Knotts, the Reef seems to break the trend of Cedar Fair’s “off the shelf” attractions by formulating a story that goes beyond just the experience.

Agreed. It’s nice to see the amount of work the park is doing in the Frontiertown area. Considering that the scope of Cedar Point’s recent additions has led to entrance redesigns (GateKeeper opening with a new main gate and Valravn with a redesigned marina entrance), I’m intrigued to see if the park will do something similar with Mean Streak. It would be great if they expanded the Gemini Midway to connect with Mean Streak and put in a new entrance by the CP Shores parking lot.
As for developing the frontier theme, I’m all for it. If Mean Streak relaunches with a solid Western theme and backstory, I could see that helping to spread the vibe Maverick brings to the area and really make it stand out as a themed land as you were saying.

I like the idea of waiting for the outcome. I think its ingenious to have more researched and more complete ride before announcing. Now they could take the route a park did way earlier in the 2000s and open in time for halloween event at the park. But i think they want the wait to be more worthy of its fans. Cedarpoint is a park i hold dear and its corporate company always has stellar reputation for giving us the best.

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