After adding Storm Chaser for 2016, Kentucky Kingdom is coming back next year with a new addition to their flat rides: Eye of the Storm.

A unique cross between a coaster and a swinging ship ride, the Larson Giant Loop propels riders backwards and forwards before making several complete 360-degree inversions. In the past, these types of rides were predominantly found in fairgrounds, but recently many amusement parks (particularly those in the Six Flags chain) have added them as well. Eye of the Storm should be a great addition to Kentucky Kingdom because of the high thrill it provides in such a small space.

In addition, Kentucky Kingdom is planning on giving their aging wooden coaster, Thunder Run, some love, by retracking it and fitting it with a brand new train.

But that’s not all. The park is installing more shade structures, seating areas, and lockers for the convenience of their guests. Two new kids rides will be added to the park as well.

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