Just a year after adding their record-breaking launched wooden coaster, Dollywood is already making big plans for their future. In Summer 2017, a new drop tower and children’s coaster will join the park’s ever-growing lineup of thrills.

Drop Line

Coming to the Timber Canyon section of the park, “Drop Line” will finally fulfill the Dollywood’s long need for a drop tower. Becoming the park’s tallest ride so far, it will lift riders 200 feet in the air and provide a stunning view of the park before plunging back to earth. Drop Line will be located at the former site of Timber Tower, which closed in 2012:


Whistle Punk Chaser


Also new for 2017 is a junior coaster. Whistle Punk Chaser “throws thrilling twists and turns at Dollywood’s younger loggers, helping prepare them for the day they can join their parents aboard the award-winning Thunderhead wooden coaster.”

TailSpin Racer

Untitled 2.png

Last but not least, Dollywood’s Slash Country water park will be adding a six-lane mat racer slide. According to the Dollywood website, TailSpin Racer will match “riders in a head-to-head race with the fun of a traditional mat racer-style slide and the tight turns and daring drops of an enclosed slide.”

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