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Mean Streak Construction Continues

Over the past few days, construction crews have been hard at work on the now-closed Mean Streak.

Over the past few days, construction crews have been hard at work on the now-closed Mean Streak.

Much of the coaster’s track leading out of the station has been taken out, and rust-colored IBox track has arrived on site. This all but confirms Rocky Mountain Construction‘s involvement with the coaster’s future.

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Even more notably, a whole section of the lift hill has been completely removed:

© CP America’s Roller Coast

This leads to an interesting discussion – will the next generation of Mean Streak feature a steeper lift? If RMC is making the coaster taller, it would be completely logical to change the lift’s incline, leading the track over the turn that it previously went under.

One question that has me puzzled is why Cedar Point is waiting so long to make their announcement. The hype isn’t going to build up much higher than it already has, so why not go ahead and reveal the new coaster? If they’re not planning on opening it until 2018, then why has RMC been on site since this spring?

I suppose this burning question will remain unanswered until Cedar Point actually makes their big move. In the meantime, post your thoughts in the comments section below – why do you think the park is holding off their announcement?

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I think that RMC is on the verge of some very innovative design features that are not yet 100% verifiable in terms of reality and reliability. I also think Cedar Fair has some of the worst project management teams in existence. The combination of having a extremely demanding customer (Cedar Fair) that emphasizes their world records with MEGA hype, coupled with a manufacturer that has an attitude of “it will be ready – when it is ready” – is pretty toxic – yet I will admit – very smart on RMC’s behalf.

Boats that were too long on Shoot the Rapids, track that was too intense on Maverick, and no easy emergency evacuation method on Windseeker, (just to name a few) show that BOTH the parks and manufacturers really need to exhaustively think these designs out from all angles before they ever begin to extoll their virtues. It’s in their best interests to get it right the first time because when issues and down time happen down the line – the very same hype machine seems to malfunction at the very same time. STR and SOB never recovered after their SBNO time not because they weren’t good, viable rides – but because the PR machine failed to reassure people what they did to correct them actually made a difference. In fact, many people still won’t ride Windseekers in fear of getting stuck at the top for hours.

History never repeats, but it does rhyme… Arrow was forced into upsizing the original design of X at SFMM. Six Flags and their demands were way too ambitious, Arrow never wanted to do anything so intense, and the result was the end of Arrow – and a park that didn’t know what to do with a SBNO ride that they insisted would trump the competition.

If all this sounds familiar – just reference Son of the Beast, Kinda Ka/Dragster, or The Bat at KI… and you will soon see the correlation.

While I have never seen any value in the hype created by “mystery projects” (perhaps because I am almost always disappointed), but Cedar Point still insists teasing (they refer to it in schools as Bullying) is valuable. RMC on the other hand, may not be taking the bait, and wisely opting to not finalize what they have planned until the existing structure is certified to be capable of producing the end result.

Maybe CP is just going to skip having an announcement 😂😂
They tried hard enough to conceal Valravn only to have the blueprints leaked. Perhaps they know we all suspect an RMC and don’t see the point in having a big announcement.
I do think, however, that it would be funny if they announce something other than RMC. Maybe all their clues were red herrings all along! But we won’t know until we hear something!

Yeah, it’s pretty much confirmed that Rocky Mountain Construction is involved with Mean Streak. They have a couple trucks on site, their crews have been dismantling sections of the track, and brown IBox track has been spotted. Now we’re just waiting for the announcement. 🙂

Will be RMC with four inversions. Track will be 200 feet high as compared to MS at 160. Question is whether they are able to put launch in the track

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