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Six Flags Reveals 2017 Plans

Today, Six Flags revealed their plans for 2017. Like Cedar Fair, it appears that the chain’s next year will be a “breather year,” with few new major roller coasters.

Today, Six Flags revealed their plans for 2017. Like Cedar Fair, it appears that the chain’s next year will be a “breather year,” with few new major roller coasters.

The Joker

Coming to Over Texas, Great America, & New England


The Joker will be an identical clone to the model introduced to Six Flags Great Adventure last year, and will take up a small footprint perfect for parks with limited space. After a 120-foot vertical lift, riders will tumble head over heels in a motion controlled by magnetic technology.

The New Revolution

Coming to Six Flags Mexico


Like the coaster of the same name at Magic Mountain, Revolution at Six Flags Mexico will be retrofitted with Virtual Reality. Riders will become the co-pilot in a fighter jet, flying through a futuristic city while in a battle to protect the planet against alien invaders.

Battle for Metropolis

Coming to Magic Mountain, Great Adventure, & Over Georgia


Battle for Metropolis is a 4D interactive experience that has already been installed at four other Six Flags parks. Featuring “wind, fire, mist, fog and life-like animatronic characters,” the ride invites riders to “become members of the Justice League Reserve Team.” It should be a great fit for Great Adventure and Over Georgia.

Titan / Lasso of Truth

Coming to La Ronde & Discovery Kingdom


Both La Ronde and Discovery Kingdom will be installing a pendulum type ride standing 147 feet tall. I believe this is the first ride of its kind to come to a Six Flags park, so kudos to the chain for branching out.


Coming to Six Flags St. Louis


On Spinsanity, riders will spin “clockwise and counterclockwise while arching side to side on a 51 foot tall half pipe track.” I’m not sure the exact model of the ride, but it looks a lot like Dollywood’s Dizzy Disk.

Lasso of Truth

Coming to Six Flags America


Six Flags America will be getting a 242-foot Funtime Star Flyer similar to the SkyScreamer rides installed at most of the Six Flags parks. I applaud the new theme and name, it reminds me of what Cedar Fair did with Northern Star at Valleyfair.

Thunder Rapids

Coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas


Fiesta Texas will be getting a 3-story water coaster for 2017. They’re calling it “America’s first rocket blast water coaster,” and apparently it will feature “five gravity defying uphill blasts and four spiraling flying saucer turns.”

Bonzai Pipelines

Coming to The Great Escape


Last but not least, we have Bonzai Pipelines, which is 30-foot tall floor-dropping water slide.

What do you think of Six Flags’s 2017 plans? As I said earlier, no major roller coasters were announced, so hopefully the parks are saving up for a big 2018. For more information on Six Flags’s new rides, visit their website.

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