Today, Six Flags Over Texas, Great America, and New England announced that they will be installing an S&S Free Spin coaster in 2017.

Standing 120 feet tall, the Joker models appear to be an exact clone of the model introduced to Six Flags Great Adventure last year. Apparently, Six Flags was pleased by the coaster’s results and decided to implement the model in a few more of their parks. After a vertical lift, riders will tumble head over heels in a motion controlled by magnetic technology.


Watch a video about the coaster below:

What do you think about Six Flags’s coaster choice for 2017? I think the S&S Free Spin makes a great addition when there’s limited space or a low budget, but seriously, couldn’t Six Flags come up with a new name? Naming five coasters the same thing, with the same paint job and the same layout is bound to cause some confusion. Nevertheless, the park chain has done it before, and they will most likely continue to do it in the future.

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