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Cedar Fair Reveals 2017 Plans

Over the past few weeks, most of the Cedar Fair parks have made their announcements for 2017. Let’s take a look at what each park is getting next year.

Over the past few weeks, most of the Cedar Fair parks have made their announcements for 2017. Let’s take a look at what each park is getting next year.

Carowinds: County Fair


Themed to a 1950s county fair, Carowinds’s newest park section will bring a new selection of family fun. Included in the lineup are four new flat rides – a Mondial Top-Scan, a Wave Swinger, a Music Express, and a HUSS Troika. In addition, the park will be giving Carolina Cobra a fresh paint job and a new name – The Flying Cobras. Next winter, holiday-themed WinterFest will be coming to Carowinds.

Kings Island: Mystic Timbers


Designed by Great Coasters International, Mystic Timbers will be Kings Island’s fourth wooden coaster. The coaster will offer a fast-paced ride through the woods, which are “becoming overrun by a mysterious medusa-like overgrowth of vines as nature reclaims its land.” Ride elements include 16 airtime hills, an extreme S-turn, and a midcourse tunnel in its 3,265-foot layout. Like Carowinds, the park will also be holding WinterFest, beginning next November.

Dorney Park: New Flat Rides


Dorney Park will be adding two new rides – bumper cars and a HUSS Troika – to bolster their family ride offerings in 2017, as well as new shows, a new pavilion, and a few enhancements to their water park.

Cedar Point: Water Park Expansion


Cedar Point will be overhauling Soak City and giving it a new name, Cedar Point Shores. With six new slides and a large family area, this is the water park’s biggest expansion since it opened in 1989. In other news, Cedar Point will be adding 69 rooms to their Express Hotel, and is rumored to transform Mean Streak into a steel IBox coaster.

Valleyfair: North Star


As leaked last week, Valleyfair will be getting a FunTime Star Flyer to replace their Enterprise ride. Standing at 230 feet, “North Star” will become the park’s second tallest ride. This announcement all but confirms that Cedar Fair is done installing WindSeekers at their parks.

California’s Great America: Patriot


Following Cedar Point’s lead, California’s Great America will be transforming their stand-up coaster, Vortex. The ride will get new, floorless trains, a bright blue paint job, and a new name – Patriot. While I applaud the park’s decision to fix up an old coaster, neighboring park Six Flags Discovery Kingdom already has a much bigger floorless model. Wouldn’t it be better to make Patriot a sit-down coaster instead?

Worlds of Fun: New Flat Rides


World’s of Fun will be getting a new front gate, two new flat rides, and WinterFest for 2017. Mustang Runner is a Huss Troika, and Falcon’s Flight, a towering scrambler of sorts, will spin and lift riders nearly 100 feet in the air.

Knott’s Berry Farm: Water Park Expansion


Knott’s Berry Farm announced that they will be expanding their Soak City water park for 2017. Two new slide towers will be added, along with updated areas, cabanas and a remodeled Longboard’s Grill restaurant. Shore Break, a 60 foot tower, is made up of six high-thrill slides, while The Wedge raft ride will offer more of a family friendly experience.

Kings Dominion: Planet Snoopy Expansion


Focusing on families for 2017, Kings Dominion will be expanding Planet Snoopy with three new rides, an event space, and new eating options. This took us all by surprise, as the park teased an RMC Hurler and invited media to the announcement.

Michigan’s Adventure: Water Park Additions


Michigan’s Adventure will be adding seven new slides to the family section of their water park. No new rides, you ask? None. The park hasn’t gotten a new coaster since 1999, but I digress.

Canada’s Wonderland: Muskoka Plunge & Soaring Timbers


Similarly to Cedar Point Shores and Knott’s Soak City, Canada’s Wonderland will be adding a 60-foot slide complex with four drop slides. Also new-for-2017 is a Mondial Inferno called Soaring Timbers, which will “swing riders through sweeping arcs while rotating 360 degrees.”

This post will be updated with any additional 2017 announcements as they occur.

Well that sums up Cedar Fair’s 2017 plans. It seems strange that only one park is getting a new coaster this year – most of the developments in 2017 are water park expansions or flat rides. Perhaps they’re building up for a big 2018 season. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

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3 replies on “Cedar Fair Reveals 2017 Plans”

You forgot to mention Michigan Adventure’s new petting zoo. Oh, and Geauga Lake’s, um, well, cough…
I honestly don’t believe Cedar Fair wants these small properties to survive or grow. To milk them dry without any new draw is a travesty, while the big parks get something – multiple things in many cases, every year.
Then again, all the corporate people seem interested in is up charges, season pass holders, and multi-day package vacationers. The average joe (and small parks) continue to see their basic value diminished because they have to wait longer and are excluded from the “ranks of the elite”.

I believe Michigan’s Adventure will eventually suffer the same fate as Geauga Lake. Cedar Fair obviously will protect Cedar Point’s dominance at any cost, and MI’s real value is in distracting customers they can from the SF property in IL.

Just once however, I wish you (or any other reviewer for that matter), would separate the hype from the reality in the amusement business and report the favorable along with the negative.

Simply put, when it comes to upselling and squeezing more out of customers these companies go out of their way to create buzz, but when there is an accident, park closing, or uptime issue – they output as little information as possible and either release non definitive disclosures or nothing at all about their operations to the public.

I expect journalists to get just as excited about these negatives aspects, and report on them in as much detail as their good efforts.

Hopefully, some good will come out of the Schlitterbahn accident (as it was elected officials day at the park) and there will be legislation passed to inform the public of the real safety, profitability, and community impacts that these companies control.

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