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Valleyfair 2017 Plans Leaked

Last week, Valleyfair announced that their HUSS Enterprise ride will be closing as they “prepare for new heights in 2017.”

Last week, Valleyfair announced that their HUSS Enterprise ride will be closing as they “prepare for new heights in 2017.”

What’s coming next? I previously predicted that Valleyfair would get a B&M of some sort, but obviously that’s out of the question considering the limited amount of available space at the park. Now, it looks like a swing ride is in store for 2017. As spotted by Coaster Chit Chat, Valleyfair has filed a permit stating their plans to install a Funtime Star Flyer:

SkyScreamer, a 410-foot Star Flyer at Six Flags New England

This ride choice comes as a bit of surprise, as most of the Cedar Fair parks have received a Mondial WindSeeker. I suppose the chain is finally fed up with unreliable swingers and decided to try something new.

What about the height? While Valleyfair mentions no ride specifics, I would expect them to build a 200-300 foot model, making it the tallest ride in the park. If they were really trying to break records, they’d need to make it well over 400 feet tall, but I don’t see that happening at a small park like Valleyfair.

What do you think of the park’s choice for 2017? We’ll find out all the details later this month.

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Due to Flying Cloud airport across the river from Valleyfair, the height limit in the park is 275 feet. Power tower was originally going to top 300 feet but they had to shorten it due to the nearby airport. The star flyer, great ride BTW, is 230 feet tall!

Glad to hear it, Gary! Hopefully the Star Flier turns out to be more reliable than the WindSeekers. Also, thanks for pointing out the park height limit. I wasn’t aware of its proximity to the airport.

Northstar, Valleyfairs star flier,
has had no issues what so ever since it’s opening. It has a great ride cycle plus an amazing lighting package. Very good addition for the park!

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