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Kings Island to Announce 2017 Plans Next Week

The latest rumors point towards a GCI wooden coaster.

The time has come! Kings Island posted the following message to Instagram:

While early rumors suggested that Kings Island was building a B&M Giga, it is now widely believed that a GCI wooden coaster is in the plan. The park has lately been teasing the coaster by using the message “Watch for falling trees,” posting signs on construction fences and on social media. They’ve even gone so far as to literally cut down trees by the rapids ride.

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We got our first wooden coaster hint last month when Kings Island submitted the ride’s layout to the local planning board. Admittedly, the layout looks more like a wooden coaster than a steel one and it took me a bit by surprise.


Recently, trucks have been spotted at Kings Island with the initials “G.C.I.” Does that mean Great Coasters International is the manufacture? Probably. The layout looks like a GCI to me, and I think that would be a great choice by the park.

Do you think this was a good move by Kings Island or do you wish they would get a Giga? Leave a comment below and stay tuned – it’s all coming to light next week!

Update: Kings Island Announces Mystic Timbers for 2017

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