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Mean Streak Rumored to Get Even Meaner in 2017

Boasting 17 roller coasters, Cedar Point is widely recognized as the “Roller Coaster Capital of the World.” Thrill seekers flock to rides like Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster, but some of the park’s coasters have been lacking in attention due to their painful trains or layouts. Lately, it seems Cedar Point has been dedicated to renovating these rides. Just last year, the park transformed their neglected stand-up coaster into an intense floorless coaster. Now, it would appear that their attention has turned to an even meaner coaster.

Boasting 17 roller coasters, Cedar Point is widely recognized as the “Roller Coaster Capital of the World.” Thrill seekers flock to rides like Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster, but some of the park’s coasters have been lacking in attention due to their painful trains or layouts. Lately, it seems Cedar Point has been dedicated to renovating these rides. Just last year, the park transformed their neglected stand-up coaster into an intense floorless coaster. Now, it would appear that their attention has turned to an even meaner coaster.

Photo © Cedar Point

Mean Streak opened in 1991 as the world’s tallest, fastest, and longest wooden roller coaster. Stretching over 5,000 feet long, the wooden track has taken quite a beating over the past 25 years and has become quite rough. Though it was originally popular, the ride has truly lived up to its name and has been largely neglected in the past years. Cedar Point has attempted to improve the ride by trimming and re-tracking it, but all they have succeeded in doing is slowing it down and making the layout boring. But it would appear that the park is finally taking further steps to make Mean Streak popular once more. A few weeks ago, park guests began to notice pink flags, construction stakes, and spray paint around the base of the coaster. This photo, taken by a Screamscape reader, shows a stake with “RMC” written on it:


RMC, or Rocky Mountain Construction, is known for their ability to convert an old wooden coaster into a hybrid with steel “IBox” track, wild inversions, and airtime galore. In 2013, the company tackled Rattler, a coaster similar in size to Mean Streak. Check out the finished product:

Screenshot 2016-06-13 16.39.43.png
Photo © Maurice Jackson

Does the stake indicate that Cedar Point is planning on converting Mean Streak? We don’t know for sure yet. While it could just be a joke or an attempt by the park to cover their real plans for 2017, the abundance of markers points to some kind of future construction. I, for one, believe that the park is legitimately planning on giving Mean Streak the IBox treatment.

What to expect

Mean Streak will likely become taller, faster, and steeper post-conversion. Expect new, comfortable trains, a bright color scheme, and a new name – maybe Iron Streak, or Meaner Streak? To get an idea of what RMC could do with the coaster’s existing layout, watch this amazing No Limits 2 creation by Noah Roth:

Excited yet? I certainly am. This kind of coaster would improve Cedar Point’s lineup, open up the back of the park, and drastically improve their existing wooden coaster. Share your thoughts in the comments section below and stay tuned!

Update: Mean Streak Closing on September 16th

By Jonathan

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38 replies on “Mean Streak Rumored to Get Even Meaner in 2017”

Today (7/30/16) the park indicated via Twitter that there’s a “big announcement” coming up at the park this Monday.

While it might seem rather strange for Cedar Point to announce changes to Mean Streak this early in the season, closing the ride in early August would give them a head-start on construction so they can re-open it next year.

Of course, it could be that this announcement has nothing to do with Mean Streak, instead focusing on a waterpark expansion or a family coaster on the lot formerly occupied by Shoot the Rapids. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Stay tuned!

I am so excited for the new meanstreak! I will definitely be riding it. I am so happy because that ride used to hurt me. I sure hope they are redoing it

I appreciate your enthusiasm and desire to keep Mean Streak in operation, but let’s get real—even if you get 1,000 signatures, Cedar Point is not going to change their mind. Mean Streak hasn’t aged well and it costs a ton to maintain. It’s been neglected by park guests who know better than to hurt themselves. The park’s plans for the future will fix all its problems and bring a wildly exciting ride to the Point. Unless you’re a chiropractor who depends on people getting beat up, I see no reason to complain. Rumor has it that the park will be adding a GCI coaster, possibly on the former Shoot the Rapids site. So we’ll get the best of both worlds—RMC and GCI.

Sad to see it leave, I love the look of it, but I totally agree on the maintenance and up keep. Got to keep it safe, and yes, it sure bangs you around!
I like the name,
The IRON MEAN STREAK, and maybe adding some of the wood for decor, to represent the original look….I like that!!

Don’t worry, its towering structure will still look similar after renovation, but with bright steel track and wild inversions. As for the name, I think Cedar Point should choose a new name that doesn’t remind people of Mean Streak. Cedar Point talked about how outlaws don’t stay in town forever, so maybe they were hinting at a new outlaw theme for 2017.

I agree with you Jonathan I think mean streak needs an update. Couple years ago I was on the ride and it seemed to me a little bit rough it banged my head jostled me around like beanie baby. I think a new layout and a new name will be cool for 2017-2018 season.

I think this is a great idea. I have lived in Sandusky my whole life and have been to Cedar Point many times during the years. Each time I rode the Mean Streak it hurt my back, my neck, making me not enjoy the ride that much. Remodeling this coaster into a magnificent Mean Streak with all the flips, turns and dips might actually make it the best in the park. I would wait 3 hrs to ride that ride. So let’s see it happen.

In the next couple years I’m expecting the Point to add a GCI coaster, a family coaster (like FireChaser Express or Cobra’s Curse), and maybe a flying coaster. None of the Cedar Fair parks have added a 4D coaster so it seems unlikely, but of course it’s always a possibility.

We will be demolishing Mean Streak in October of this year. We will be clearing the land for a new thrilling ride. Stay Tuned

If you’re going to troll a fan site and try to make people believe you’re some kind of official spokesperson, try to at least get the name of the corporation correct. (Cedar Fair……no ‘s’.)

I made my first visit to Cedar Point last week, and in my opinion, mean streak was the worst coaster in the park. Way too heavy on the brakes, when it should have been flying through the turns. There was, at no time during the ride, I ever felt “thrilled”, almost no airtime, no feeling like we were going to run off the track, anything. It was completely tame. Blue Streak was a better ride, and it’s been around for over 50 years.

When six flags closed “roar” in Vallejo, CA. last September, I was disappointed as it was still a very good (not great) coaster…. then they announced it would be getting the RMC treatment, and I was intrigued not ever having ridden a converted coaster. I had a chance to ride it before most others (season pass holders got to ride it three days early), and the RMC treatment brought it up into my personal top-ten coasters I’ve ridden. It’s a fantastic ride – check it out if you get the chance.

(all of the above are my opinions, I’m sure you’ve got your own…. and we may disagree)

I thought I read somewhere that Mean Streak is being moved to one of the other Cedar Fair parks. Which had me wondering, how do you dismantle and rebuild something that enormous? Would make sense to either scrap it all together, or revamp it. We were just at Cedar Point Monday, and I heard they will be expanding Soak City and building two new coasters in place of Mean Streak. Will be interesting to see what happens.

For what it’s worth, I always liked Mean Streak, and still enjoyed the ride this season. It beats you up nice and good.

I agree. If you enjoy getting beat up (I’m occasionally in that mood), Mean Streak’s the way to go. But don’t worry, it’ll be even more wild after it gets the RMC treatment.

I hope something like this is true, I really, REALLY do! However, the look of this coaster is not nearly as impressive as it currently stands. I would hope for something that retains a little more of the gorgeous structure. This looks a little too much like the Magnum (not just because of the track color).

I didn’t notice any trim breaks in the video! I approve! Those trim breaks halfway through ruined everything!

I wouldn’t mind ANY another color that isn’t red or any close relative of it. It’s close enough to the Magnum and the Maverick that red isn’t a good choice. I’m not a huge fan of the rust color, though. Valravn and Rougarou both have some variation on a weird orange-red color and it makes me cringe. Green would be cool since the only green coaster in the park is the Raptor.

I am also ready for CP to put in another Intamin coaster. Hopefully that will be in the future, too!

I’m with you on Valravn and Rougarou’s puzzling color schemes clashing, and I don’t think the park needs any more orange. That being said, I think gold/orange track would look great on Mean Streak. Think something like Batman: The Ride at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Give it an outlaw theme and it would be perfect.

Intamin hasn’t built a coaster in the US since 2012. I think amusement parks are finally realizing how unreliable Intamin’s coasters are. Take Top Thrill Dragster for example—it’s down more than it’s running, and Cedar Point pays a TON each year to maintain it. I think it’s safe to say that the park is officially done with Intamin. In 2013, 2015, and 2016, the park added new B&M coasters, which are extremely reliable rides, but not exceptionally exciting. Hopefully RMC will prove to be the new Intamin and bring both wild and reliable coasters to the table.

I can agree with you on the Dragster. Wicked Twister as well. The Dragster’s lack of reliability is largely due to the type of coaster it is. It’s really not surprising at all that they have as many problems with it as they do. Wicked Twister’s downfall is it’s location- too close to the shoreline for something SO affected by wind. Not the best planning.

Millennium Force, on the other hand, is one of the most reliable rides in the park. I have been there on numerous occasions during inclement weather when it was one of the only rides operating. Maverick is also quite reliable and sees very little down time. If Intamin was a little more practical instead of trying to be so over the top, they could really hit a home run. These coasters are fan favorites by a long shot.

The video of what RMC could do is reminiscent of something I would expect from Intamin. I would not be disappointed if this or something like it were the ultimate outcome. But, I still want them to retain more of the Mean Streak’s skeleton. It’s just too doggone pretty to strip it down to bare bones.

The past two CP coasters (I don’t count the revamped Mantis) have been so disappointing. They are very obviously designed to break some kind of record by an extremely narrow margin just to say CP has the first, highest, or fastest something in the world. They’re smoother rides than previous B&M coasters and much quieter, but chain lift, pre-drop, loop, riderideride, cobra roll, mid-course brake, riderideride, corkscrew, back to the station is YAWN.

Here’s to hoping for something remarkable in 2017!

Like you said, Millennium Force is one of the most reliable coasters at Cedar Point, but unfortunately that’s not the case with the majority of Intamin’s models. I agree with you about B&M’s latest coasters tending to be boringly smooth—which is great, but not exciting in the same way Intamin’s rides tend to be. I think Cedar Point is done installing B&Ms for a while—they might put in a flyer at some point in the future, but the chances are low.
I think they’ve turned their attention to RMC, which has proved to be both wild and reliable (except in the case of Lightning Rod, which was due to the launch system). Alan Schilke, one of the designers of RMC’s IBox track, was inspired by Maverick and El Toro, so their coasters tend to reflect Intamin-Blitz-style elements. I’m excited to see what they can do with Mean Streak.

Oh, and you mentioned Mean Streak looking bare and stripped down in the video—the person who made that animation gave it steel track, but it’s much more likely that RMC will retain the wood of Mean Streak.

I was initially sad when I found out that Mean Streak was closing.
Last I’d been to Cedar Point was 1996.

I’d ridden Mean Streak when it was relatively new, and at 5 years old. It was a rough ride back then, but expectedly so, and not a bad ride. Sadly it’s apparently deteriorated, or people have just been riding too much B&M steel to be able to handle it (I love B&M, don’t get me wrong). But hearing that the ride was unbearably rough and that the coaster was considered…slow? Weird. I certainly didn’t remember it as such.

The main reason that I was saddened though, was that it would be a huge easthetic loss to the park. Ride as it does, and say what you will, but Mean Streak was a sight to behold. It was monstrous and beautiful. The support structure was magnificent and it was awesome watching it go by. The drive past it’s enormous footprint instilled a sense of awe and excitement as you were so close to the park (for us after a 2.5 hour drive) that you could taste it, and it was, at the time, considered a part of the skyline, since it was CP’s second tallest coaster back then, behind only Magnum XL-200.

When me and my GF got together, she had never been on a rollercoaster and was petrified of the idea. She had suggested a trip to Canada’s Wonderland and I told her that the trip just wouldn’t be fun for me, knowing that all she was doing was waiting in long lines to watch me go on coasters and other rides. We had been to Marine Land on the last operating day the previous year and could not get her onto Dragon Mountain, and while she did try Sky Screamer (I know right?) she literally burst into tears after getting off. Honestly, I didn’t want to put her through that again, I’m simply not that guy.

She told me she would try everything once at Wonderland, though. So we made a trip.

Her training was Dragon Fire, a pretty simple Arrow Looper, right near CW’s signature coaster, Leviathan. She screamed her head off, and was a bit shaky-legged, but was ready for some more.

Her second coaster was Leviathan. After the ride (and a bit of a laugh at her expense at her on-ride photo, when someone else next to me in line for the photos asked if she had passed out), she told us that when we crested the hill and she looked down the drop, she thought to herself: “Oh God, this is how I die”. But she vowed to tackle it again, because she couldn’t allow that picture to be the only one she could show people.

By the end of that day, she was starting to get used to the various G-Forces applied to our bodies while rolling over steel and wood track. We stored the Backlot Stunt Coaster twice, and we had tackled Behemoth (at this point she was starting to not only enjoy the experience but starting to develop appreciation for specific elements).

We tackled Leviathan one more time before going home and by this time she was a fan.

After a couple more trips to CW, she had her hands in the air and is a seasoned coaster pro at this point. I told her CW was her training grounds for Cedar Point.

Our trip is a 3 day stay in the park and at Hotel Breakers, that was when I found out my chance to re-visit the Mean Streak had sailed.

I’m hoping that the Mean Streak’s structure is left mostly intact, as a memory of some wild rides on that beast. But I’m really excited, not only to see this coaster get the treatment, but to finally have an RMC near me to ride.

RMC is totally taking the tradition of a wooden coaster out. Its no longer a wooden coaster. Screw RMC. Then it just becomes a Gemini. Boring. I hope Cedar Fair snubs everyone and builds another actual wooden coaster.

You’re definitely in the minority on this one, Marc. The coasters that Rocky Mountain Construction transforms are chiefly old, rickety, and neglected coasters that the park would have considered removing anyways. There are still plenty of classic wooden coasters being built—take Mystic Timbers at Kings Island as an example. I think that a GCI would be a perfect addition to Cedar Point at some point in the future, but transforming Mean Streak is the park’s best move right now.

In my opinion Intamin rides are the best rides in the park. That is of course not only my opinion because Millennium force has never been voted below number 2 on the top steel coasters chart. Also maverick is always voted quite high. While I actually really really enjoyed the valravn I thought the gatekeeper was the […] most awefully boring ride that cedar point has ever put into that park if I had to rate a B&M ride off of that coasters layout I would never ride another one. When I go to that park and I don’t ride the gatekeeper I don’t feel like I missed anything. There is no aritime, I generally yawn all the way thru the ride. So I just don’t go on it anymore. I still love the raptor and the valravn does rock but it really does not give you the height like millennium force does it. Did cedar point loose their [mind] somewere with the height? They could have went 300 feet even B&M does that I hear.

P.S I cannot for the mean streak to get an RMC treatment what a ride!

I agree with you, the Intamin rides are definitely the most thrilling and record-breaking coasters in the park. Sadly, many of them are the least reliable as well. They were added to the park during an era we now know as the “Roller Coaster Wars,” where parks competed to build the tallest, fastest, and craziest roller coasters. Though without a doubt Millennium Force is the best ride at the Point, Wicked Twister, Top Thrill Dragster, and Maverick are notoriously unreliable and inefficient. I think Cedar Point finally had enough of the breakdowns and maintenance and decided it was time to invest in B&M, the company that had designed some of the park’s most reliable coasters, Mantis (now Rougarou), and Raptor. They then set out to transform the park’s appearance with the addition of GateKeeper and Valravn, which might feel tame and too smooth, but you’ve got to admit that they have some of the best efficiency and reliability in the park. To answer your question about Valravn’s height, I can think of several reasons why they didn’t make it 300 feet tall – it wouldn’t fit in that plot of land, they already have two coasters over 300 feet, and the general public won’t even know the difference. Plus, that would have raised the cost of the coaster by quite a bit.

I think the park is done adding B&M coasters for now. They have most of the company’s models and they’ve played it safe for long enough. They’ve likely been keeping their eye on Rocky Mountain Construction for the past few years and finally decided it was time to transform Mean Streak. I personally think that RMC is like the new Intamin—it’s pushing forward with innovating coasters, but it’s proving to be reliable as well (Lightning Rod being the exception). I think that the new Mean Streak will be an incredible coaster, and judging by the incline of the lift it will easily be taller than 200 feet.

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I am so excited they are not tearing it completely down instead of just changing it a little bit. Can’t wait to ride it!💗💗😀😀😍😍

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