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B&M Giga Coming to Kings Island in 2017?

Kings Island may have one of the world’s biggest coaster collections, but they’re always looking to improve their lineup. New rumors suggest that the park may be planning a B&M Giga Coaster for 2017, which would stand nearly a hundred feet taller than their current biggest coaster, Diamondback.

Kings Island may have one of the world’s biggest coaster collections, but they’re always looking to improve their lineup. New rumors suggest that the park may be planning a B&M Giga Coaster for 2017, which would stand nearly a hundred feet taller than their current biggest coaster, Diamondback.

Fury 325 at Carowinds

Sister park Carowinds built a Giga last year (Fury 325), and I named it one of the best coasters I’ve ever ridden. Its sheer height, speed, and intensity provided unprecedented thrills, and I loved the way it flew by the new park entrance. I think such a coaster would be a great addition to Kings Island.

Where would the new coaster go? If Kings Island follows in Carowinds and Cedar Point’s footsteps, it seems likely that the ride’s layout will closely interact with the park entrance. I’m expecting the coaster to have an out-and-back layout along the front of the park:

The coaster’s layout may interact with the front of the park

What about a name? Cedar Fair filed a trademark for the name Centurion, and while we don’t know for sure, there’s a good chance it’s the name for King’s Island’s new coaster.

As for the ride’s height, I’d expect it to be even taller than Fury 325 and become the world’s tallest and fastest Giga Coaster. A first drop of 330-350 feet sounds reasonable.

Do you think Kings Island is getting a Giga? Leave a comment below and stay tuned for more updates.

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16 replies on “B&M Giga Coming to Kings Island in 2017?”

Cedar Fair parks have become Intamin, B&M, and other manufacturers showrooms. They buy rides in mass (i.e. wind seekers & front gate coasters), never theme them much (if at all), and then claim that they are record holders. There isn’t much originality – and as a result, they are quickly cloned or up sized elsewhere. Disney, Universal, and Six Flags do a much better job at producing attractions that can’t be duplicated because of their theming. In fact, they have never really exploited their tie-ins with the Peanuts franchise beyond their kiddy offerings. If the chain ever wants to compete with the likes of Disney (who started with much less resource materials), they have to start innovating from within their company. With all the CF up charges, one can easily pay as much as a trip to Disney, and the experience pales in comparison.

Funny you would say that. I was just thinking about how boring and similar some of Six Flags’s recent additions have been. (They keep using the same themes, names, and coaster types across all their parks. They add the exact VR experiences to nine of their parks. They add the same dark rides to some of their parks.) Cedar Fair might be putting in similar rides in some of their parks, but as long as (a) it’s a good ride experience, (b) it attracts people to the park, and (c) it’s not an exact clone of another coaster, why not? At least they’re not reusing names and themes the way Six Flags is. As for the redesigned front gate that many of the Cedar Fair parks are getting, I’m all about the new look. GateKeeper forever changed Cedar Point’s front gate. Fury 325 was a great addition to Carowinds and really gave the park’s appearance a facelift. If Kings Island can do the same with some of their own unique touches, I think it would be a great addition to the park. I get what you’re saying about some of the loss of originality due to no theming, but Disney and Universal are THEME PARKS. They build the ride for theme over experience. Cedar Fair parks are AMUSEMENT PARKS. They build the ride for experience over theme. Overall, I agree, it would be nice to see some more originality, but I really think that a Giga would be a great addition to Kings Island next year.

If Cedar Fair isn’t a theme park but an amusement park as you indicate, then why is there a frontier town? The fact is, for some strange reason they do not want the creative talent to come from within the company. The Beast (believed to be a top coaster by many) was designed and built by Paramounts own maintenance group when they owned Kings Island. It stands a a testament to what can be done in house.

Cedar Fairs coasters are designed in house then the coaster manufacture fine tunes them! You don’t need theming to have an amazing Coaster! Six Flags sucks! Cedar Fair is the real deal in this Coaster Nation!

The Beast was not built by Paramount but by Kings Island themselves. Paramount did not own Kings Island until 1993 I believe. It might have been 92. But the point is that All Cedar Fair parks identify themselves as Amusement Parks not Theme Parks for good reason. Like Jonathan stated they care more about experience than theme and I personally believe that is what makes them so successful especially Kings Island and Cedar Point. One could argue that Ohio is the roller coaster capital of the world. These two parks IMO have the best coaster collections in the world and I can’t wait to see Kings Island (my home park) adds for 2017 although I highly doubt that it’s a gate coaster which is okay with me because they kind of already have a coaster that interacts with the front gate in invertigo (faceoff)

I couldn’t agree more. I do believe with all of the makers out in the woods and along the train track at Kings Island they are planning something big. I’ve only ridden one giga coaster and never a b&m but I really hope that’s what this is as Fury 325 looks fantastic. Only time will tell. If you want a good read go to there are some fantastic forums over there and one about decoding 2017 it’s always fun to speculate.

they aren’t clearing by the gate any ways. they are clearing 2 locations as of july 13 one by the train and one behind banshee. I can’t wait to see the new ones.

I am hoping that they bring back SOB and let RMC build it. It would be pretty awesome for kings island to have the worlds only wooden hyper coaster again.

What if all the markers were put there just to go along with all the speculation???? I have no clue. I think it is going to be big. Hoping anyway! Kings Island is my home park. Not completely convinced on the Giga. That would be sweet though!

My grandson recently told me that they leaked that it was going to be a GCI wooden coaster that they were planning. After being at Cedar Point on a Saturday, I can see how building the latest an greatest coaster has hurt some of their others. 2 hour wait for Valravn. 10 minute wait for Gatekeeper. Raptor had a 30 minute wait only because it was next to Valravn. I see though that now overpricing food and Fast Passes, seems to have brought a decline in Saturday park attendance. They close an hour earlier than Kings Island.

I saw the leak as well shortly after writing this post and agree that a GCI is another likely candidate for Kings Island. Although the park already has multiple wooden coasters, I can see this being a possibility. However, I’m still hoping for a Giga. I drove by the park today and a 330+ footer would certainly stand out in the skyline as an impressive new addition – whereas I almost feel like a GCI would be hard to market. But maybe it’s just me.

This rumor has been resurfacing lately as Kings Island shoveled the word “GiGA” into the snow outside of Mystic Timbers. The shot is visible on the park’s webcam. Does this mean the park could be planning the rumored giga coaster for 2019? We’ll have to wait and see.

I sure hope so. I would love to see something of that size where Dinosaurs Alive used to be. The timing does work out great. It seems like it can follow the same timeline that SOB’s removal and Banshee did.

Like you said, the former Dinosaurs Alive location would make a prime spot for the new ride. It could wrap around the back of the X-Base area and turn around by Banshee. Another spot to keep an eye on would be the clearing behind Great Wolf Lodge. They’ve been working on it for a few years now, so I wonder if it’s part of a planned park expansion or something.

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