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Busch Gardens Williamsburg Announces Wooden Coaster for 2017

The park is building their first wooden coaster and they need your help.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg is building their first wooden coaster and they want your help.


Designed by Great Coasters International (GCI), the new coaster will be themed to a Viking invasion of a trapper village in New France. Riders will join in the battle between the Vikings and the villagers during a 1.5 minute race through the woods.

Height 74 feet
Speed 48 mph
Length 2,118 feet

Busch Gardens Vice President of Engineering, Larry Giles, says he’s excited to see the new coaster join the park’s lineup.

Busch Gardens has a reputation for creating unique ride experiences, and our new family coaster will certainly continue that tradition. The dynamics of a wooden coaster, combined with the many ways it will interact with the terrain and nearby attractions, will make this a one-of-a-kind thrill.

The coaster’s layout as seen from above (Photo ©

Now for the cool part: Busch Gardens is giving fans control over the ride’s name, various design elements, and queue experience. According to Dan Dipiazzo, Vice President of Marketing, this unusual move is part of a strategy by the park to involve its fans in a greater degree than ever before.


Join in a survey to select the ride’s name from among three contenders: Viking Raider, Battle Klash or InvadR. You can submit votes daily through April 1st here. The park will brand the new attraction with whichever name gets the most votes.

Update: The name InvadR was chosen for the new coaster.

Are you excited to see Busch Gardens building a wooden coaster? I think it will be a great addition for the park, but I think it was a bad marketing strategy to announce the coaster a full year in advance. I would think that some of potential visitors would now decide to go next year instead. Also, couldn’t the park have thought of a more creative name, like Berserker, for example? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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2 replies on “Busch Gardens Williamsburg Announces Wooden Coaster for 2017”

I have a ton of respect for a park that comes out and tells us what is going on. The hype of teasing only panders to the coaster clubs and fan sites that feed off of speculation and rumors. By seeking input and even the name gives the future riders some pride of ownership and loyalty to what THEY helped create.

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