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Six Flags Adding Virtual Reality to Nine Rides

Following in the footsteps of Alton Towers, Six Flags will be integrating Virtual Reality experiences on nine of their coasters in 2016.

Following in the footsteps of Alton Towers, Six Flags will be integrating Virtual Reality experiences on nine of their coasters in 2016.

Through a partnership with Samsung, Six Flags is creating a fully immersive virtual experience using Samsung VR headsets for riders. With the screens perfectly in sync with the ride’s layout, riders will enter a realistic 360 degree virtual world where they can join Superman in defeating the world’s villains or pilot a fighter jet to defend Earth from an alien invasion.


John Duffey, President and CEO at Six Flags, sees this as a ground-breaking step forward for theme parks.

This remarkable technology is a definite game-changer for theme park rides and represents everything our brand stands for—delivering the most thrilling and innovative rides and attractions in the world.

Six Flags will launch the new VR coasters in nine parks this year. The following rides will be getting the New Revolution alien apocalypse theme:

  • Shock Wave at Six Flags Over Texas
  • Dare Devil Dive at Six Flags Over Georgia
  • The New Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • Ninja at Six Flags St. Louis
  • Steamin’ Demon at The Great Escape
  • Goliath at La Ronde

Three Superman themed rides will be getting VR experiences:

  • Superman Krypton Coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas
  • Superman The Ride at Six Flags New England
  • Superman Ride of Steel at Six Flags America



What do you think of Virtual Reality combined with roller coasters? While it allows riders to participate in a themed experience at a level of clarity formerly impossible, I’m of the opinion that putting a screen in front of your face while riding spoils the experience. You loose the breathtaking view, the sense of height, and the sight of objects flying by associated with roller coasters. Thankfully, the VR headsets are optional, and riders can choose not to participate.

What’s your preference? A virtual experience or a traditional ride?

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6 replies on “Six Flags Adding Virtual Reality to Nine Rides”

It’s strange how Cedar Fair is only testing this out in two of their parks and Busch Gardens is holding off entirely. Six Flags is getting a real jump on the competition with VR and RMC types of technologies that are years down the road for the competition. I appreciate how they continue to improve existing rides with new features and backward experiences.

Agreed. Six Flags is getting a huge head start ahead of other American parks. If VR does take off, as I think it will, Cedar Fair and SeaWorld parks will be left behind unless they implement this on more of their rides.

I am also glad that Busch Gardens Williamsburg has given out their plans concerning their 2017 this week. The tease/hype/mystery approach other parks use to get free PR only generates disappointment and frustration in the fan base!

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