Late last month, Cedar Point installed the highest piece of track on Valravn. It’s all been downhill work since then, and crews have been hard at work on the record-breaking 90-degree drop and Immelmann loop.


The Immelmann maneuver is a half-loop followed by a half-twist. Standing at 165 feet tall, the loop is now the world’s second tallest inversion (after GateKeeper at the front of the park).


Now that the first drop is complete, Valravn really adds some height to Cedar Point’s skyline. Seeing it next to Raptor really gives you some perspective.


Walking in the park will offer a completely different view this year. I think Valravn looks great in that particular area of the park.


Now that the Immelmann loop is finished, Cedar Point will be working on installing the block brake section, which runs directly under the first drop. According to Adam Pooch, Valravn’s Project Manager, the block brake serves two purposes.

It allows multi-train operation by stopping a train there if the train in front of it has not cleared the next section of track – it will also stop a train on the lift if a train is present in the block brake; and it slows the momentum of the train so it can make that second dive at a safe speed.


While work is going on with the brake run, other crews will be welding the framework for the station together. Since dive coasters have short trains, Valravn’s station will be noticeably smaller than the others at the park. Speaking of trains, Cedar Point expects the first one to arrive soon in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for more updates and share your thoughts about Valravn in the comments section below.

Update: Cedar Point Completes Valravn Track

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    • You got that right—Valravn is certainly not for the faint of heart—or anyone with a fear of heights. 223 feet tall isn’t exactly your average coaster height. Thanks for the comment!


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