It’s Thursday. Week #3 of POV Thursday, to be exact. Keep reading to experience Cannibal, an ultra-steep looping coaster at Lagoon in Utah.

A small train plunges out of a 200-foot tower and works its way around nearly 3000 feet of tangled spaghetti-like track. The terrified riders let out a blood-curdling scream as they take on four inversions and a beyond vertical drop at breakneck speed. Don’t worry, despite the coaster’s fear-inducing name, no one has been eaten alive – at least not yet.

Interesting fact: Cannibal was designed and built in-house last year by Lagoon. That means that the park made Cannibal without help from any help from roller coaster manufacturers. It’s not often that you see theme parks doing this, but Cannibal turned out to be really cool looking.

Watch an on-ride POV (point-of-view) of Cannibal below:

Have you ridden Cannibal? Share your review in the comments section below.

Next week we’ll explore Manta at SeaWorld Orlando.

All Images © Fredrick Biedermann

A trip to Dollywood at age eight changed me forever. Since then, I have been on a wild quest to fulfill my cravings for thrill. Here at Theme Park Press, I desire to share my adventures and give my thoughts on the latest industry news.


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