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5 European Theme Parks that Should be on Your Bucket List

Never taken a visit to Europe? If you ever make it to the Old World, here are five stunning theme parks you cannot miss.

Never taken a visit to Europe? If you ever make it to the Old World, here are five stunning theme parks you cannot miss.

Holiday Park


Holiday Park in Germany is home to Expedition Ge Force, voted the third best steel roller coaster in the world. Standing at over 170 feet tall, this Intamin Mega Coaster is loaded with airtime hills and over-banked curves throughout its heavily wooded course. Also at Holiday Park is Sky Scream, a brand new launching coaster similar to Tempesto at Busch Gardens.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Located just off of the English coast, Blackpool Pleasure Beach sports 10 roller coasters and 31 other rides. Included in its lineup is a looping shuttle coaster, an Arrow Dynamics Hyper Coaster, and Steeplechase, the last remaining roller coaster of its kind. Once you’re done thrill seeking, kick back and enjoy one of the park’s many shows or head just across the street and spend some time at the beach.

Heide Park


If you’re looking for a wide range of thrilling rides, Heide Park might be your best choice. They’ve got a dive coaster, a wing coaster, and a launched coaster, just to name a few. They’re also home to Colossos, the world’s tallest wooden coaster. It stands nearly 200 feet tall and reaches a top speed of almost 70 miles per hour.

Alton Towers


Alton Towers is a heavily themed British theme park featuring nine roller coasters. The park’s been on a roll for coming up with short, one-word names for their rides, like Nemesis, Oblivion, Rita, Smiler, and Thirteen. Smiler is the world’s most inverting roller coaster, featuring fourteen inversions and two lift hills. Oh, and don’t miss Galactica, the world’s first flying coaster dedicated to virtual reality.

Europa Park


Located in Germany, Europa Park brags thirteen roller coasters and was voted the world’s best amusement park in 2015. There’s a reason it’s so good. Besides being a full-blown theme park, Europa Park serves as a showcase for rides designed by Mack Rides, one of the world’s leading roller coaster manufacturers. Some of the park’s best coasters are a water coaster, a hyper coaster, and Blue Fire, a launched coaster. Watch an on-ride POV (point-of-view) of Blue Fire below:


Well, that’s it! Have you ever been to Europe? What are your favorite European theme parks? Here’s a question for the locals: Why do all the best theme parks seem to be in England and Germany?

Photo credits from top to bottom: © Europa Park, rollercoasterking.comBlackpool Pleasure Beach, Heide Park, Alton Towers, Europa Park

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