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Rumored Coaster Coming to Valleyfair in 2017

While most parks have just announced their plans for 2016, many coaster enthusiasts are already predicting what’s in store for 2017. Valleyfair, which hasn’t gotten a big coaster since 2007, seems to be the next park due for an update.

While most parks have just announced their plans for 2016, many coaster enthusiasts are already predicting what’s in store for 2017. Valleyfair, which hasn’t gotten a big coaster since 2007, seems to be the next park due for an update.

Let’s take a look at Valleyfair’s coasters and see what the park lacks:

High Roller 1976 Rauerhorst Corporation Wooden
Corkscrew 1980 Arrow Dynamics Looping
Excalibur 1989 Arrow Dynamics Sitting
Wild Thing 1996 Morgan Mega-coaster
Mad Mouse 1999 Arrow Dynamics Wild mouse
Steel Venom 2003 Intamin Twisted impulse
Redegade 2007 Great Coasters International Wooden
Cosmic Coaster 2011 Zamperla Children’s

Their main rides are a looping coaster, a Morgan coaster with a decent drop, a launched impulse coaster, and a decent GCI wooden coaster. Obviously, they lack an intense looping coaster of some kind, but what?

Cedar Fair, the parent company overseeing Valleyfair and many other parks in the US, added a B&M wing coaster to Cedar Point in 2013, a B&M invert to Kings Island in 2014, a B&M Hyper to Carowinds in 2015, and is adding a B&M dive coaster to Cedar Point in 2016. It seems only natural that Valleyfair is up next on the list, considering their lack of any B&M coasters.

GateKeeper at Cedar Point (Image credit:

Let’s now put two and two together. Valleyfair is in need of an intense looping coaster and is likely going to receive a ride from B&M, so I think they will add either a wing coaster of some kind (perhaps launched?) or an inverted coaster like Banshee (becoming the world’s tallest invert). Either way, I expect Valleyfair to get a record-breaking looping coaster that will give the park some attention in 2017 and help to put it on the map for coaster enthusiasts.

Banshee at Kings Island (Photo credit:

What do you think about my speculation? Do you agree that Valleyfair will likely add a B&M in 2017? Explain your choice in the comments section below.

Update: Valleyfair 2017 Plans Leaked

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7 replies on “Rumored Coaster Coming to Valleyfair in 2017”

I don’t think a world-breaking coaster is in order. What about a first rate 4-D dark ride like Voyage to the Iron Reef or Wonder Mountain’s Guardian or a great family inverted coaster like Freedom Flyer at Fun Spot America

Thanks for the input, Greg. I can definitely see a 4D coaster being a big possibility as well, considering that Canada’s Wonderland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and now Carowinds have gotten them in recent years. I agree that it would be rather sudden for a small park to get a record-breaker, but it would be just what Valleyfair needs to get back on the map. We’ll see what their real plans are sometime in August 2016, but until then, we can only guess.

Jonathan, Keep in mind that Valleyfair doesn’t necessarily need a record-breaking ride to maintain and grow its attendance. With 7 roller coasters, for the time being, and the nearest comparable park in size being Adventureland in Des Moines, about 3 1/2 hours away, continued investment in the park will work for Cedar Fair. Not that I’m against a thrilling roller coaster, but continued investment in family attractions will keep the park fresh for its market, in my opinion.

I agree that it is likely to stay popular with families, but in order for thrill seekers like me to be attracted to the park, they’re going to need a decent coaster. Just my opinion.

Would Valleyfair be better off with a new ownership like Dollywood & Kennywood Park has? Valleyfair has fallen off the map for a while. Not sure if its Valleyfair or corperate not putting enough money into the park. The logic spot that everyone talks about is the old pinc cove and Dino area where the next coaster should go. I spoke with the GM said its a real possibilitie that area will be re done with the front plaza and a new B&M coaster. I’m hoping for a 165 foot lift hill 65 mph 5 inversions and a cobra roll with a helix something similar to Raptor. Our time is coming because were in ten years with out a new coaster Valleyfair needs to do something in the next year or to else I think our attandence will drop.

If I recall correctly, I think Matt Ouimet has made public comment that the partnership will invest some money in the park. Plus, the partnership is holding its annual meeting in Minneapolis this summer.

But I think dealing with the issues of a floodplain surrounding the park is a bit more involved as far as the regulatory process is concerned. Also, with the building of Power Tower, the park has discovered what its height ceiling limit may be in most of the current areas of the park. Previously we learned of a plan submitted to the Army Corp of Engineering on the area where Excalibur is located and if the park desires to continue with those plans, then it needs to have funds set aside for that capital improvement. Is the park due for a new coaster? Probably. Will it be a B&M? Maybe. It could be a new dark ride as well given what the partnership has placed in some of its other parks. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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