Considering the extreme amount of power required to run the world’s roller coasters, it’s no wonder theme parks are always looking into new ways to save energy. Qurrent, a Dutch company that specializes in providing renewable energy, seems to have come up with a perfect solution for theme parks in their latest concept.

Recently, the company released their plans to transform a wind farm into the world’s first sustainable theme park. Not only will the park be powered by the wind farm, but the rides themselves will be integrated with the massive wind turbines. Check out the concept art for one of their roller coasters – which closely resembles a Polercoaster:


Also included in the plans are a drop tower, a water slide, and a rotating ride that actually utilizes the turbine’s rotor blades themselves.

These new rides all point to the simplicity of a “vertical” theme park that can fit on a small footprint without sacrificing height. This kind of theme park has continued to grow more popular these past years.

What do you think? Would you be interested in visiting a completely self-sustainable theme park? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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All images © Qurrent

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    • I agree. It’s really an ingenious idea that could save theme parks a lot of money. The wind turbine drop tower looks like something that could get popular sometime in the near future.


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