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Cobra’s Curse Coming to Busch Gardens Tampa in 2016

The unique coaster will put a new spin on family thrills.

Arriving early next year, Cobra’s Curse will put a new spin on family thrills.

After ascending 70 feet in the air through use of a vertical elevator-style lift, the small trains will rush around the tight hairpin turns while spinning randomly. The ride will be themed to a modern dig site in Egypt, where archaeologists discover the legendary temple of Venymyss, the snake king. The key feature of the ride will be an outward-banked turn that leans precariously towards the jaws of a gigantic statue of Venymyss.


According to Brian Morrow, the attraction designer at Busch Gardens, “With Cobra’s Curse, we’re expanding the family thrill ride offerings. The multi-directional spins on Cobra’s Curse will provide excitement and fun for guests of all ages.”

Aimed at both thrill seekers and families alike, Cobra’s Curse will have a height restriction of only 42 inches. Interestingly enough, riders will never get the same experience twice – each train spins at different rates and in different directions based on the weight distribution.


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