Dollywood’s Lightning Rod is beginning to emerge as crews from Rocky Mountain Construction continue to work hard on the coaster. Last week, they shared pictures of the ride’s progress on their Facebook page.


In the picture above, you can see the sudden plunge of the first drop. I love how closely the track follows the slope of the terrain. That’s a pretty impressive drop, if you ask me!


In this picture, you can see the double dip of the track coming out of the launch as it plunges down the mountainside.


73 degrees of pure airtime. Since the ride starts with a launch, the train will already be going forty miles per hour when it careens over the edge, causing riders to lift out of their seats a little more than a traditional wooden coaster.

Dollywood recently uploaded a time lapse to Youtube showing the construction on Lightning Rod’s first hill and station:

I think that the coaster will prove to be a must-ride when it opens next year. Keep up the good work, Rocky Mountain Construction!

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