UPDATE: Skyplex Finally Approved by Zoning Board

Last year, when David and Joshua Wallack announced their plans to build Skyplex Orlando, a $300 million entertainment complex featuring the world’s tallest roller coaster, they probably weren’t expecting this abrupt refusal from the local commissioning board.

Two weeks ago, the Orange County Planning and Commissioning Board met to vote on Skyplex. The result was a 4 to 3 vote against the project, mainly over concerns regarding the extreme height of the complex.

Although the board downed the project, it is still up the the County Commissioners to give the final decision, when they vote this December. In the meantime, there is an online petition that you can sign to show your support of the project.

Sky Surf Park, a mini water park adjacent to Skyplex’s ten story parking garage, will feature three wave pools and a beachside café

If the County Commissioners decide to approve of the project, Skyplex will open in 2018, along with Skyscraper, the 570-foot tall polercoaster, a mini water park, and a record-breaking drop tower.

Do you want to see Skyplex go through? Sign the petition or share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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