After revealing their plans to build Valravn, Cedar Point has gone on to announce some additional changes at the park. One of the main changes next year will be a fresh coat of paint for Raptor and Top Thrill Dragster.

Raptor, the park’s inverted coaster, is in desperate need of a paint job. It was last painted in 2002 (nearly fourteen years ago) and is now beginning to show signs of rust and fading.

Top Thrill Dragster, which opened in 2003, is starting to show signs of weathering as well. But painting this 420-foot monster is going to take longer than just one off-season. This fall, crews will repaint the lower sections of track, and then will return to finish off the rest of the structure next spring.

Just a few years ago, Cedar Point repainted Millennium Force with a fresh coat of blue. It’s good to see that the park is continuing to look after its coasters by now moving on to Raptor and Top Thrill Dragster. What coasters do you think they should repaint next?

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