Last year, father and son businessmen David and Joshua Wallack announced their plans to build a $300 million Skyplex entertainment complex in Orlando, Florida. The main highlight of the complex was a 570 foot-tall Polercoaster dubbed Skyscraper, which will easily become the world’s tallest roller coaster when it opens in 2018.


What’s a Polercoaster? As the name suggests, this type of roller coaster is completely supported by a vertical pole, allowing for a complete ride experience in a very compact layout. Though many of these rides have been proposed in the past, Skyscraper will be the first of its kind actually built.


The ride will start by ascending out of the arcade-style indoor complex and winding diagonally up the pole. At the top, the eight-passenger train will veer to the side and complete an inversion 570 feet above Orlando. Without warning, the train will plunge into a beyond-vertical drop and begin picking up momentum. During the circling descent down the tower, riders will experience seven inversions before winding around the complex in a series of airtime hills. The ride experience will add up to four minutes, which is much longer than a traditional roller coaster.


Joshua Wallack is excited about the new coaster:

It’s a full-throttle roller coaster. The track is being designed by the top roller coaster designer in the entire world, and our design is amazing. It’s going to be one of the most thrilling rides in the history of the world.

Besides breaking Kingda Ka’s record for tallest roller coaster, Skyscraper will also feature the world’s highest inversion and steepest drop at 123°.

Watch a video revealing Skyscraper below:

What do you think of Skyscraper? Do you think a Polercoaster will offer the thrills found on a regular roller coaster? Personally, I think that the ride looks pretty impressive, but without a giant drop like Fury 325 or Kingda Ka, I’m not convinced it will compare to other scream machines.

Images © Skyplex

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