Last Saturday, Amusement Today awarded Golden Tickets to the “Best of the Best” of theme parks and roller coasters all over the world. Now the votes are in and the results are out.

© Europa Park
© Europa Park

For the second consecutive year, Europa Park overtook Cedar Point as Best Park, with Knoebels and Dollywood close behind.

Best Park
Europa-Park Rust, Germany 24%
Cedar Point Sandusky, OH 14%
Knoebels Amusement Resort Elysburg, PA 11%
Dollywood Pigeon Forge, TN 9%
Disneyland Anaheim, CA 7%


Fury 325 took the crown as the best new-for-2015 ride, followed by the two new I-Box coasters, Wicked Cyclone and Twisted Colossus. Cu Chulainn, a wooden coaster designed by The Gravity Group came in a close fourth. Holiday World’s wing coaster, Thunderbird, came in fifth.

Best New Attraction for 2015 (Amusement Park)
Fury 325 Carowinds 27%
Wicked Cyclone Six Flags New England 14%
Twisted Colossus Six Flags Magic Mountain 13%
Cu Chulainn Tayto Park 10%
Thunderbird Holiday World 9.5%

But of course, the main excitement of the event is hearing the world’s top wooden and steel coasters. This year, Boulder Dash came in first for Best Wooden Coaster.

  1. Boulder Dash (Lake Compounce)
  2. El Toro (Six Flags Great Adventure)
  3. Phoenix (Knoebels Amusement Resort)
  4. The Voyage (Holiday World
  5. Thunderhead (Dollywood)
  6. The Beast (Kings Island)
  7. Ravine Flyer II (Waldameer)
  8. Outlaw Run (Silver Dollar City)
  9. Gold Striker (California’s Great America)
  10. Lightning Racer (Hersheypark)

On the list of top steel coasters, Millennium Force took the #1 slot for the sixth consecutive year. Though it’s probably overrated, it’s still a great coaster without a doubt. Close behind as always, Bizarro took second, with Expedition Ge Force in third. Coming as a surprise, Fury 325 shot up to fourth place in its first season, the highest a new coaster has scored in nine years.


  1. Millennium Force (Cedar Point)
  2. Bizarro (Six Flags New England)
  3. Expedition Ge Force (Holiday Park)
  4. Fury 325 (Carowinds)
  5. Nitro (Six Flags Great Adventure)
  6. Apollo’s Chariot (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)
  7. Intimidator (Carowinds)
  8. Leviathan (Canada’s Wonderland)
  9. Nemesis (Alton Towers)
  10. New Texas Giant (Six Flags Over Texas)

Watch an on-ride video of Millennium Force:

See the full results from the Golden Ticket Awards here. Do you agree with the rankings the voters picked? Were you surprised to see Fury 325 rank so high? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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