Last week, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom revealed their plans for 2016. The park’s wooden coaster, ROAR, will be transformed into a hybrid by Rocky Mountain Construction and adjusted to add in three exciting inversions. The Joker, as the park renamed it, will also feature the world’s first “step-up under-flip.”


The Joker will treat riders to fifteen moments of airtime, a zero-g-roll, a first ever “step-up under-flip inverted roll,” and a breaking wave turn. Standing at 100 feet tall, the ride will reach a top speed of 53 miles per hour during the course, making it both taller and faster than the former ROAR coaster.


With the addition of The Joker, the Northern-California park will likely see a major climb in visitors next year, at least from coaster enthusiasts. Until now, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom didn’t have many coasters to boast about.

“The Joker will be the most talked about new coaster in 2016,” said Don McCoy, the park’s president. We are excited to introduce this innovative technology that marries the best of both classic and modern coaster designs to offer our guests an unparalleled and unique experience.”

Take a virtual ride on The Joker to get a feel for the wild experience:

Are you excited to see Six Flags give yet another of its parks this new kind of coaster? I think that The Joker looks like a great ride and hope I’ll get a chance to ride it sometime. Between this, Storm Chaser, and Lightning Rod, 2016 should be a good year for wooden thrills.

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