Sorry, Cedar Point. Today, multiple media outlets received virtual reality goggles with a download to an app showing the park’s new roller coaster. After managing to hack into the app, someone shared the images on the web, revealing the ride’s name, logo, and layout.


Is this a genuine leak or did Cedar Point deliberately release fake information in hopes of diverting our attention from their real designs? The name Valravn lines up with Cedar Point’s trademark earlier this year, which would naturally make you think that the design is official. But somehow, the leaked layout is very similar to the Sandusky Register‘s description of Cedar Point’s dive coaster back in January. The newspaper indicated that the coaster would feature four inversions: An Immelmann, a 270 degree roll, an unknown looping element, and a second Immelmann. Though not listed in the right order, the four inversions are present in the leaked images.


The question is, how would the Sandusky Register get the information for the unannounced ride unless Cedar Point explicitly gave it to them? And if Cedar Point did give them the information, would they really give out the real details? Something about this makes it sound as if the park is trying to throw us off.

And yet, the fact that Cedar Point actually trademarked the name Valravn makes me think that the leak is authentic. If Cedar Point really did experience two unintentional leaks, I feel really bad for them.


Do you think that the unexpected leak is authentic? We’ll know for sure when Cedar Point officially announces the coaster on August 18th.

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  1. On close inspection, the “inversion” following the first Immelmann is just a twist. I guess that makes the Sandusky Register’s information incorrect, huh?


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