After just reopening last year, Kentucky Kingdom has already gotten to a good start to make their park worth visiting again. Last week, the park announced their new-for-2016 roller coaster, Storm Chaser. By the looks of it, the ride will be a great addition to the park.

Designed by Rocky Mountain Construction, Storm Chaser will feature the manufacture’s unique IBox track to create the feel of a wooden coaster yet with the smoothness of a steel coaster. Storm Chaser will be the first IBox coaster to feature steel supports under the track. Built upon the original structure of the Twisted Twins dueling coaster, the height of the coaster will be increased to 100 feet tall and will retain only one of the two original tracks.


The IBox track allows RMC to incorporate exciting maneuvers not attainable for traditional wooden coasters. Like the crazy barrel roll drop at 78 degrees, for example. Storm Chaser’s layout will be packed with elements including two airtime hills, a stall dive, a tip-out corner, and a corkscrew. Though Storm Chaster will be shorter in length than most IBox coasters, Kentucky Kingdom has done a good job at maximizing their limited space. I’ve never ridden a coaster built by Rocky Mountain Construction, so I’m excited to see my home parks adding in these exciting coasters, between Kentucky Kingdom and Dollywood.


Next year, Storm Chaser will join the park’s four other coasters: Thunder Run, T3, Lightning Run, and Roller Skater. Watch an animated video of Storm Chaser’s layout below:

I’m glad to see that Kentucky Kingdom is finally getting a coaster worth riding. What do you think?

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