With the recent opening of Rougarou, the park’s newly-transformed floorless coaster, the refreshed Hotel Breakers, and various other updates at Cedar Point, roller coaster enthusiasts are already looking into what’s in store for 2016.

Initial speculation for Cedar Point’s new roller coaster started last November, when the park announced that the Good Time Theater would be closing to make room for “further expansion”. The Good Time Theater sat next to the Marina Entrance to the park, just beyond Raptor. Excitement heightened when Cedar Point confirmed that the nearby rides to the Theater would be removed/relocated as well. With the removal of these rides, the park cleared a large plot of land big enough to fit a decent sized roller coaster.


Then, in January, the local newspaper claimed that Cedar Point filed a memo with B&M relating to a $15 million dive coaster where the cleared area of land was located. Brian Edwards, the park’s spokesman, admitted that the memo was “one of the many proposals” Cedar Point was looking at for 2016.

The 90° drop on Griffon, a dive coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

A dive coaster features wide, floorless trains, a vertical drop, and a couple inversions. To date, only two dive coasters can be found in the United States, Griffon and Shiekra. The news article revealed that the coaster would stand 223 feet tall, making it the world’s tallest dive coaster and the third tallest coaster at the park. With 3,625 feet of track, the coaster will likely include a vertical drop into a tunnel and four inversions. Its top speed was described as 80 miles per hour.

On April 17th, Cedar Point filed a trademark for the name Valravn. According to Dutch folklore, valravn is a supernatural raven, so the new roller coaster could prove to have an interesting theme. With wide rows fitting eight people each, Valravn will likely be reminiscent to a swooping raven.

While a ride like this will likely be a fun addition to the park, some would argue that Valravn will be redundant after the recent openings of winged GateKeeper and floorless Rougarou. My personal opinion is that a fresh ride in that area of the park is a great move, and I won’t turn down a mammoth dive coaster. Having said that, a flying coaster could prove to be a better choice. What are your thoughts on Cedar Point’s future roller coaster?

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